How to edit ownCloud documents with ONLYOFFICE on your iOS device

Hello everyone!

We have recently announced that ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS 5.0 allows connecting cloud storage services via WebDAV, and editing files directly from the app. In this post, we’ll focus on editing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored in ownCloud straight from your ONLYOFFICE app for iOS.

Connect ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS to your ownCloud

Get the latest version of the free app ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS and open it on your device. Go to the section Clouds and choose ownCloud. To access your ownCloud files via WebDAV, insert the URL address of your ownCloud server, login, and password of your ownCloud account, and tap Next.

Now you have access to all your docs stored in ownCloud.

Edit ownCloud docs with ONLYOFFICE for iOS

You have a range of editing tools organized into the menu bar at the top of the page. To access the tool menu, click the appropriate icon in the top right corner.

Format your document

Click on the «pencil» icon to access the formatting tools.

As for the text documents, you can select the font type, its size, and color, set line spacing, and create bulleted or numbered lists. You can also customize paragraph settings by selecting its background color and style, setting space between paragraphs and inserting page breaks, etc.

As for the spreadsheets, you can apply the cell text formatting by selecting the font type and its size, apply one of the decoration styles and change the font and background colors, etc. There is a variety of table templates available in the tab Table.

To customize your presentation, you can select a theme, color scheme, slide size, change the background fill or slide layout for each separate slide, apply transitions between the slides. The tabs Text and Shape contain the tools to format accordingly text and shapes that you add to the slide.

Insert objects

Click the «plus» icon to insert tables, pictures, charts, shapes in all the editors. In the text editor, you can also add page, section or line breaks, links, and page numbers. As you can see, this tab in the spreadsheet editor contains charts, formulas, and sort and filter options as well.

After you have inserted the object, you can adjust its settings:

  • select the object by tapping on it,
  • open the settings by tapping the «pencil» icon at the top toolbar OR the Chart/Table/Image/Shape option in the pop-up menu.

Tools and settings

The «gear» icon takes you to the settings screen:

In the section Document Setup, you can choose the color scheme in all the editors and:

  • change the document orientation and its format in the document editor;
  • show or hide gridlines and headings in the spreadsheet editor;
  • create a looping slideshow in the presentation editor.

What’s more, there is an easy and seamless way to password protect your ownCloud documents:

If you are not 100% convinced yet to switch to mobile editors and edit your ownCloud docs directly from our free app, download the latest version and try all the available features yourself:


At the moment, you can’t collaborate on documents stored in the cloud with ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS. Stay tuned! Document co-editing is coming soon.

For more information about ONLYOFFICE integration with ownCloud, please, refer to this post.

As always, your suggestions and comments are welcome: please, use the section below or tweet us at @only_office.


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