Beginner’s guide on ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration + live webinar

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Hello everyone!

In this post, we have gathered tips on ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration which can be extremely useful for those who are new to the whole thing.

Yes, you can use ONLYOFFICE within Nextcloud

If you need to work with office documents (OOXML – docx, xlsx, pptx – or ODF) and collaborate on them in real-time, ONLYOFFICE online editors are going to be perfect for you.

You will need an instance of ONLYOFFICE that can be installed on the same machine as your Nextcloud or on the different one:

  • Choose ONLYOFFICE Community Edition* if you need a free solution for a small team. It has a limitation of 20 connections**. Download >>>
  • Choose ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition if you need a scalable enterprise solution with professional tech assistance. There are three tariff plans – for up to 50/100/200 connections. Clustering is also available. Prices >>>

Check Community Edition vs Integration edition comparison here.

*Community Edition has online editors AND collaboration platform. If you are planning to use the editors within Nextcloud, out of the whole pack you’ll need only Document Server.

**We specified the maximum number of documents that can be edited at the same time. When the maximum value is reached, each next document will open in read-only mode.

Integration app

Use our ready connector to link ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud instances to each other. The connector is available on GitHub, but the easiest way is to install it from Nextcloud app store.

After installation, you will see a new option in the settings menu. There, you’ll need to specify the address of the machine with ONLYOFFICE installed.

Test without installing

You don’t necessarily need to go through the installation process if you want to try ONLYOFFICE editors. Recently, we launched a special Demo server. Just install the integration app and tick the box “Connect to demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server”.

This is a server for public testing. Don’t use it to process sensitive data. The demo server supports up to 1,000 connections. It will be available to you for 30 days.

Technological partnership with Nextcloud

ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud are official technology partners since 2018, and we are constantly deepening our integration. The most recent updates are listed here.

Working on mobile devices

You can use our apps for iOS and Android to access your office docs stored in Nextcloud. On iOS devices, you’ll also be able to edit them. For Android, editing is coming soon.

Differences from Collabora

This is a popular question. ONLYOFFICE uses OOXML (docx, xlsx, pptx) as core formats. Collabora is a successor of LibreOffice, so it specializes in ODF (odt, ods, odp).

ONLYOFFICE also supports ODF through conversion. Learn more here.

We also wrote an article on the popularity of different formats.

Live webinar

If you still have questions or doubts, it’s a great idea to ask us and Nextcloud team in person! Join our webinar on November 20. We are planning to show you:

  • installing the connector and connecting to the server,
  • file types association,
  • creating and editing office docs,
  • sharing and access rights, groups restrictions,
  • collaborating on a file.

There also will be time for Q&A. You can send your question to us before the webinar and we’ll consider them while preparing!


How to get help with technical problems

Technical support is included in the price of ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition.

If you are using the free Community version, you can ask any questions on GitHub. This is the quickest way to get in touch with our developers!

Useful links

The easiest way to install: get pre-configured ONLYOFFICE Document Server integrated with Nextcloud using Docker Compose –

Integration API –

Article on how we developed the app for integration with Nextcloud –

If you have any questions, use the comment section below or tweet us at @only_office.

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