ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud v.3.0: watermarks, Mail Merge, demo server, and more

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Hello everyone!

We’ve updated ONLYOFFICE integration app for Nextcloud to version 3.0, with several cool features released. Read this post and learn how to make the most of all enhancements.

Protecting documents with watermarks

From now on, you can insert watermarks into your docs to protect any confidential or sensitive information they might contain:

To add a watermark to your document, spreadsheet, or presentation, check the box ‘Enable watermarking’ in the Secure view settings (on the ONLYOFFICE settings page within your Nextcloud).

There you can also select types of files and shares where the watermark has to be shown, as well as replace the default watermark text with your own.

Mail Merge

With the Mail Merge feature you can easily insert content from a spreadsheet (for example, a customer list) into your text documents to create personalized letters in a bulk.

Go to the Home tab in the document editor, find the corresponding Mail Merge icon, select the needed sheet from your Nextcloud files and create a merged document. To learn more about how to use Mail Merge, refer to our Help Center.

‘Save as’

Save your documents in the desired format to any folder within your Nextcloud.

Go to the File tab in the editors, find the ‘Save Copy as’ option, select the needed file format and then select the folder where you want the doc to be saved.

Inserting images from the folder

Easily add pictures and photos stored in Nextcloud to your documents. Just select the ‘Image from Storage’ option and insert the desired image from your Nextcloud files:

Connection to the demo server

This newly released option allows users to test our online editors within Nextcloud without an actual installation of ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

Check the corresponding box in the Server settings section to connect to the demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server, and click the Save button.

Please note: this is a public test server that will be available within 30 days. Don’t use it with your sensitive data.


By specifying your Locale settings (format of dates, numbers, times and measurements) in Nextcloud, these will be automatically supported in ONLYOFFICE editors as well.

Useful links

Download the latest version of ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud from the Nextcloud App Store.

Find the detailed API documentation on ONLYOFFICE connector for Nextcloud here.

If you’re new to Nextcloud, install ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud combo all at once using Univention virtual appliance, or Docker Compose.

Read our blog post to learn what’s new in the latest version of ONLYOFFICE online editors, and fill in this form to get it for your Nextcloud.

If you would like to ask or discuss something regarding our integration with Nextcloud in person, meet our team at Nextcloud Conference in Berlin on Sept 14-16.

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  • Hey, I found the watermark won't work with tagged files (after I set it up) but works with other options (user of groups, shares, link shares etc).

    Is this a bug or there's another thing I must done?

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply! This issue is already solved. If you still have problems with watermarking, please contact our Support Team at with the description and screenshots if possible.

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have the watermark on the entire page and not only diagonal on the pag ?
    I have tried to write multiple times the text in the textbox may it is limited.
    Perhaps it is also possible to repeat the text multiple times.


    • Hi Sascha, unfortunately, now it’s not possible to change the watermark’s position and angle, as well as it’s not possible to repeat the text multiple times. But it’s already on our roadmap! We’ll definitely post the news when it will be ready. Stay tuned!

  • Hi, Thank you very good. Another point is that a Powerpoint presentation in full screen mode by an mobile device ipad/iphone will not display the watermark. Have you planned also a fix for this bug ?


  • Hi,
    I am having an issue with the watermark Nextcloud integration with Only-office.
    Watermark show the wrong date and timezone.
    Our all the servers and time are set correctly to EDT and so is the computers we are using.
    But it will always show few hours ahead as UTC Time zone
    I cannot find any settings in the servers configurations files or settings
    Can you please help regarding the issue or any other way we can resolve the issue.

  • it seems my DEMO option on NC has expired '-(

    is there any way to connect to an (external/paid for) server for testing.

    i am unable to install an instance of the ONLYOFFICE DOCUMENT server on CentOs7/APACHE - searched the net with no success on a introduction/manual i would be able to follow (for CentOs7/APACHE)

    thanks for your attention

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