ONLYOFFICE connector for ownCloud: new document sharing permissions

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Good news, everyone!

We have updated ONLYOFFICE integration app for ownCloud with several useful improvements released. Read this post for details.

New document sharing permissions

ONLYOFFICE connector for ownCloud was updated to the version 2.2.1 with new file permission settings available:

  • download permission,
  • review permission,
  • fill forms permission,
  • comment permission,
  • modify filter permission.

In other words, this update brings users more options of sharing docs, sheets, and slides stored within their ownCloud instances.

Note: new permission settings are available starting from the version 10.2 of ownCloud Server.



When you share a doc granting Review/Comment/Form filling permissions*, users can’t actually edit it but only perform certain actions.

With the Review permission granted, other users are able to suggest changes to the shared .docx file, as well as accept/reject them. Btw, with the latest release of ONLYOFFICE Document Server, reviewing and tracking changes became more effective and intuitive. Watch this video to learn more.

With Comment access rights users can view and add comments to shared docs.

With Form filling – insert data into the chosen fields only (available for .docx files). To create a form with necessary input fields in the document, make use of the Content Controls feature.

Sharing files for Review/Comment/Form filling, you can protect your documents and restrict downloading.

*Note that these permissions are mutually exclusive and you can’t share a document with e.g. Form filling and Comment access rights at once.



You are able to share sheets granting Comment permission, and allow/restrict downloading.

Modify filter (available if you grant full access) allows users to open a shared .xlsx file and configure the filters so that the changes will be displayed for every co-author.

If the creator of the spreadsheet doesn’t check the box “Modify filter” when sharing it, other users will be able to apply their own filters without disturbing all other co-authors. However, the creator’s filter changes will still be displayed for everyone:



You can share slides providing other users with the Comment access right, and allow/restrict downloading.

About ONLYOFFICE connector for ownCloud

With ONLYOFFICE connector users can view, edit and co-author their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within ownCloud. It is distributed under AGPL v.3.0 with the source code listed on GitHub. The new version of the integration app is already available for download in ownCloud Marketplace.

With the version 5.3 of ONLYOFFICE online editors, free Document Server users got the tabbed interface layout, as well as several features previously available only in commercial builds: Сontent controls, bookmarks, navigation panel, Display modes for Track Changes, pivot tables, presenter view.


Would like to learn more about ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud integration? Get inspired by the success story of Münster University and their cloud storage service sciebo, where the combined solution was implemented to facilitate research workflow.

If you have any questions, use the comment section below. In case of any technical difficulties, please contact us at

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