ONLYOFFICE ownCloud technical cooperation: achievements and plans

Earlier this week we have announced our partnership with ownCloud, #1 open source vendor for secure file sharing in the world. Now our teams are working closely to broaden the ONLYOFFICE ownCloud integration. What has been already done in 2018 and what we will do, read in our today’s blog post.

Univention App Appliancesdone

With the app appliances recently introduced by Univention, you can install ONLYOFFICE Document Server paired to ownCloud effortlessly. Read here how to do it.

Easier work with ODFdone

With the ownCloud connector 2.0.3 released, ownCloud users can open ODT, ODS and ODP files for editing by default. Just as any other file, an ODF-formatted document is immediately converted in the editor and opened after you click on it. More info here.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for ownCloudcoming soon

Now you can connect our desktop editors to ONLYOFFICE cloud only. With the new version that is about to release you will be able to choose the cloud to use: ONLYOFFICE or ownCloud (other options will be also available). To download the current version of desktop editors, please visit this page.

Save as to ownCloudin development

To save the edited document in another format or to another folder on your cloud, you need to save it to your local machine and then upload once again. Now we are working on simplifying this process. First, this feature will be added for ONLYOFFICE cloud (v.10.0), then for ownCloud as it requires changes both on the side of the online editor interface and on the side of the connector.

Version History displayat the planning stage

Wish to see the people who edited the file, and the changes they made in the color? ONLYOFFICE cloud users can use Version History. ownCloud offers its own versioning app. To visualize its data inside online editors, we need time for design and development.

Restricting access rights to ONLYOFFICE appat the planning stage

the ownCloud administrator can restrict the access to the enabled applications for available groups. It does not work for ONLYOFFICE at the moment and requires time and resources.

Federated sharingunder discussion

Federated Cloud Sharing is now managed in ownCloud by the Federation app allowing you to easily and securely link file shares between ownCloud servers, in effect creating a cloud of ownClouds. Document co-editing between these clouds will make the collaboration easier. We have just started our discussion with the ownCloud team and hope to add this possibility for enterprises next year.

Have an idea on how to make ownCloud ONLYOFFICE integration smoother? Please share it with us here in the section below or tweet us at @only_office.


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