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Hello everyone!

Welcome our new partner from France – Full IP Solutions. Specialized in competitive and innovative IT solutions, Full IP Solutions is now expanding the boundaries introducing ONLYOFFICE to the local market. Read the article for more details.

About Full IP Solutions

Full IP Solutions, based in the Paris region, France, represents vendors with expertise in IT security and distributes their solutions for more than 20 years. Almost all of them are from Northern European countries.

The company started by distributing security solutions in France, Europe and North Africa, representing exclusively vendors like TenFour, GFI Fax & Voice, Clavister and continued including other editors to provide complementary solutions to its channels and hosting providers.

From intelligent firewall to USB authentication keys, via MFA gateways, storage, and backup solutions, Full IP Solutions provides users with the best technologies, maybe not as known as those from USA/Asia giants, however, all-European and with full control over their code.

During all these years, Full IP Solutions has provided services to companies from small enterprises to large businesses and have now more than 450 partners and 2,500 customers that can count on comprehensive expertise for their business.

Keeping data under control with ONLYOFFICE

Full IP Solutions’ distribution is 100% indirect. Their partners install, secure and manage the customer’s information systems for years. These customers ensure that their information is kept under control, hosting it locally, on private Cloud or hybrid Cloud (private & public Cloud). Many of them and in particular French administrations, also care about the sovereignty of their exchange (it’s mandatory that created, stored and exchanged data have to be located in France otherwise they risk criminal sanctions and financial penalties).

ONLYOFFICE concurrent products are massively hosted in a cloud outside French territory or are open source with a very little support or reactivity when a customer needs a specific integration.

Full IP Solutions helps install ONLYOFFICE on-premise both local and remote at French hosting providers.

Besides, it offers additional integration modules coming to strengthen the French or the European legal frame for generated documents. They integrate, for example, a French digital signature module with probative value for documents really appreciated by lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, insurers, banks, real estate agencies. To strengthen the integrity of data generated by ONLYOFFICE, they also add an EAS French module (digital safety box that is used for back up with probative value).

Roberto Correnti, CEO at Full IP Solutions:

Our strong partnership with ONLYOFFICE allows us to protect our user’s identification and identity from beginning to end by adding our leading products, MobilityGuard multi-factors authentication, and Yubico USB strong authentication keys.

Moving borders together

ONLYOFFICE keeps on reaching out to companies and individuals worldwide who seek collaborative solutions adapted to their working needs, their business environment, and even their language.

Galina Godukhina, Commercial Director at ONLYOFFICE:

We constantly expand the partner network that helps us bring the most innovative office apps to existing corporate ecosystems all over the world. Partnering with Full IP Solutions allows us not only to introduce ONLYOFFICE to a local market but also to strengthen the French legal frame.

Willing to become a partner and participate in our international initiative? You are very welcome to contact us at


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