Stable version of ONLYOFFICE Documents 2.0 for Android is released

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We would like to thank everyone who has participated in beta testing of ONLYOFFICE Documents 2.0 for Android and announce the release of the stable version. The app is already available on the Google Play Store with all the new features.

Apart from managing docs stored on your corporate or personal portal, the stable version offers:

  • Online Excel, Word and PowerPoint editing.
  • File sharing with different types of access rights: viewing only, reviewing, editing.
  • Real-time co-editing.
  • Connecting third-party cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, ownCloud, Nextcloud and others supporting WebDAV).

The beta version of the app will no longer be supported. If you are using it, switch to the stable version to receive further updates. And if you haven’t tried the new features yet, just do it!

To get the stable version, visit Google Play. The ONLYOFFICE app is free!

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Don’t forget to rate and review the app in the store or leave your comments below. Any feedback is appreciated!

You can also visit our page on Product Hunt, support the app, meet our developers and ask them tricky questions in comments. Don’t miss your chance!

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P.S. The Android app is now available in English, Russian, German, French and Spanish. If you would like to have it in your native language, join our translators’ team. Just contact us at

P.P.S. ONLYOFFICE also has an application for working with documents on iOS devices, and this summer we are going to release a new version. Among upcoming updates are presentation editing and working with txt files. You can get the current version from the App Store.

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  • As of 07/23/19, I can not find the app on Google Play. I have searched using a number of different keywords including complete app and company name but I am unable to find the app on my phone.

    Please advise!

    While I plan to use OnlyOffice for critical document storage and group editing, what would be much more useful is an Only Office app for Android that interfaces with the online version in which I can manage projects and tasks from my mobile device. It makes no sense to not have an app that runs on what is arguably the biggest platform in the world at least in terms of the number of users. Please advise on when you plan to have an app like this.

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