ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: now available as a snap

Great news everyone!

From now on you can easily install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors as a snap package. Read the article to learn more about it.

What actually is snap and its advantages

Snap is a universal package that is available for any Linux OS running snapd: Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Gentoo, Arch Linux, Fedora, OpenWrt, OpenEmbedded, Yocto, openSUSE, Manjaro, Solus.

What’s more, snaps work on various Linux distributions without modification, since they already contain all the necessary dependencies.

Snaps are:

  • quick to install with a single command;
  • easy to refresh, as the snapd system uses automatic and transactional updates;
  • safe to run because they are separated from the operating system, other applications, and hardware functions.
Testing the snap

Recently, we’ve posted a topic in the Snapcraft forum calling for testing our Desktop Editors as a snap. And this week we’ve promoted the snap to the stable channel. So now, you can easily install it from the command line, or GNOME Software. Besides, the snap is available in the Snapcraft store.

While testing, we’ve received a lot of feedback from various users including several suggestions:

On Snapcraft forum:

PDF, EPUB, DjVu – very good! May be U can add FB2 & MOBI support &… it will be offline publish system for authors.

On GitHub:

Congratulations on the beautiful work ONLYOFFICE as SNAP. I have already installed on my Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 and it is performing very well.

On Ubuntu Twitter:

Should have more fonts, design templates, Slide transition animations, animations for image/object. Lacks “Bells and chimes”…

How to install

To install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors as a snap package, just run the following command:

snap install onlyoffice-desktopeditors


So, hurry up and try the snap now to assess all its benefits! Let us know your impressions and leave your comments below. If you have any questions, visit our developers’ forum. Your feedback is very appreciated!


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  • According to my terminal on Debian, my snaps are installed, as is OnlyOffice desktop. OO shows up in my start bar but once clicked disappears into the ether i.e. nothing loads.

    Tried sudo snap refresh also, but no difference.

  • I have kept using OO in Manjaro, which was great. But I have started switching to Cloudready now. Cloudreaady's Crostini allows Onlyoffice install as a deb, but cloudready also supports flatpaks natively. Not snaps.

    I noticed that Onlyoffice does have snap and appimage, is there any chance you'll do the flatpak as well? The ability to run Onlyoffice natively on Cloudready would make it the easiest to support OS with the best docx compatibility.

    Please...please...please. :-)

    • Hey, Yotties! Surely, we're planning to do the Flatpak as well. However, there is no exact date for now.

      • I just tried: in Crostini on an Acer R11 stable the appimage runs stable and well. When Cloudready goes to V73 in stable I hope it will start running there too. It should, because it is the same crostini container.

  • I’ve tried the snap package on a hidpi monitor and fonts of the app made it impossible to use.

  • I installed Onlyoffice in Manjaro using snap and it appears to be working perfectly.

  • Will it also be available on flathub?

    It is not very true that host systems don't need modifications (especially those that don't use AppArmor) and should resort to *unofficial* repositories to install snapd. The lack of popularity of the initiative is evident by the low participation in the forum or github (unlike OnlyOffice as an application).

    In any case, your attention is very much appreciated to gnu/linux users.

    • Thanks, Alejandro.

      As for Flathub, we haven't planned it yet, but we'll definitely look into this possibility.

      • That sounds good. I tried to install the OnlyOffice Snap package on some computers with CentOS in the lab, but it was not possible. In addition many students use laptops with Endless OS, so that initiative would be very welcome.

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