First look at ONLYOFFICE Online Editors v.5.0

Hello everyone!

This is one of the most exciting releases we’ve ever had. In version 5.0 ONLYOFFICE Online Editors are transferred to a brand new interface. Are you as excited as we are?

What’s the concept?

We are adding more and more editing tools, so navigating around them threatened to become confusing for our users one day soon. But we have found a way out – the new interface layout. It groups editing instruments into functional tabs to make your work more intuitive.

What about new features?

Working on the new interface, we did not forget about new features. We added:

  • Preview in Review. Want to know what your doc would look like if you accept or reject changes in Track changes mode? Now you can!
  • Pivot tables for viewing in online excel editor;
  • 69 new formulas, 438 in total for any calculations you want to make;
  • Enhanced Slideshow mode in presentation editor. Leave personal notes and manually select the necessary slides to show in Presenter view;
  • New plugins. Use Symbol Table to insert special symbols, become multilingual with Yandex Translator;
  • A lot of improvements and bug fixes.

Tired of words? Watch this video to explore everything:

New editors are already available in our cloud version, and we are dying to hear about your impressions. Leave your comments below!


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  • I downloaded the community edition for windows server to test the product before putting it in production.I have noticed that when working with any document there is a tag on the left margin that say's "trial mode".
    is there a way to remove?

  • Love what i am seeing here.

    How can i get help from your sales team on reselling and integration team to discuss about integration with our product?

  • Hi guys, firstly, thank you for such an amazing product. We did a presentation past week on Onlyoffice for corporations here in Malaysia. Mostly were C levels and we wrapped the idea around using OF for contact centers in lieu of current solutions and offline methods, and owning your own cloud document servers right at your own datacenters. We are hoping to get more traction on this. Since the event, we've seen much interest coming back and we of course encourage our customers to consider the Enterprise versions, to keep supporting this amazing work. We are thinking of becoming partners with you and probably do events here with our corporations and local government.

    Truly very impressed. Thank you once again and keep up the great effort!

  • Thanks for the information. We are using OnlyOffice in our office environment and our users love its features very much. We would love to know when we will be able to have Document editor v5 in Onlyoffice docker version?

      • Wow! Amazing soft!
        Until nextcloud plugin I didn't have a idea that something incredible like this exist.
        My question is for this new tabs for buttons, how to enable it? Is it works also with nextcloud?

        • Thanks! We appreciate that)

          The new interface is available for commercial versions, and personal portals. So, if you are using open source Document Server/Community Edition, it has not been added there.

  • The One change I am waiting for is the possibility to use a TOC. Am I correct that that is not available still?

  • This is great! Love to see the editor moving forward with enhancements and new features!

    However, still one major issue remains that is a big hindrance in a business user's ability to really adopt the program as a true MS-Word replacement. Track changes needs to show a strike-through when a subsequent user attempts to delete words that a previous user has added in track changes. Currently, the word disappears from the document, which is not workable as it could appear that someone is trying to hide their deletions.
    Please fix this issue soon!

    • Hi, Mike! Thanks for the kind words.
      We remember this bug and your request! We'll fix it as soon as we can

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