Top 5 burning questions we got asked about ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition

Hi, everyone!

ONLYOFFICE team has taken part in a big conference in Dusseldorf, organized by PowerFolder, our German partner. We came to present our online editors for integration and got a massive amount of questions! Here are the most popular of them.

PowerFolder was one of the first to integrate ONLYOFFICE online editors into their cloud and on-premise solutions, which turned out to be a real success in Germany. After a long period of testing and many Skype conferences how longing we were to meet each other in person! Moreover, PowerFolder clients had a giant load of questions about our editors.

Five most frequently asked:

#1. Why does ONLYOFFICE use .docx as basic?
Because we consider the majority of text documents on planet Earth (about 99%) is kept in doc or .docx format. Since 2007, almost every document created in MS Office is saved in .docx, and MS Office is installed in millions of companies and governmental institutions. So, we have chosen this format in order to open the majority of documents on this planet without distortion.

#2. How does ONLYOFFICE deal with .odt?
We convert .odt files to .docx. Later you can download them as .odt, but this will mean double conversion.

#3. Can saving of a file version be forced?
All the users changes are saved automatically. When several co-authors are editing Version 1 of the document, all of their changes and corrections are being sent to the Co-authoring server and kept there until all the users closed the document. Then Version 2 is built. This scheme is risk-free and saves users time. Users can’t force saving a file, but never feel uncomfortable about this. An article with explanation why we consider this scheme the most effective is coming soon, by the way!

However, there were several requests from integrators who asked us to add the possibility to force saving a file. It is now possible with the help of the document command service.

#4. I have a .docx document, and ONLYOFFICE failed to open it correctly. Why?
It’s true that such difficult files exist. We usually ask our users to send them at in order to check them and fix the problems. Why do any difficulties even occur? Some documents contain objects not supported by ONLYOFFICE editors. All of them will be added in the next versions. Tricky files that do not meet format specifications can also cause problems. All the document editors will have difficulties with them, even MS.

#5. Do you have a cluster version?
Yes, we do. Cluster version allows to deploy the solution at an unlimited number of locations or multi-server locations, use a 16-core or more configuration. It provides a more powerful software architecture, high availability and extra security. Contact us at to learn more.

About ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition

ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition is an advanced component that enables you to view, edit and collaboratively work with documents, online spreadsheets and presentations directly from your web application.

About PowerFolder

PowerFolder, head-quartered in Dusseldorf, provides enterprise ‘sync-and-share’ solutions since 2007. Thousands of companies worlwide and the majority of German universities choose PowerFolder to store their data.


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