ONLYOFFICE Document Editors – Version 3.6

Dear users,

Today we are glad to announce the official release of the new version of ONLYOFFICE Online Editors. What has been done?

Real-time collaborative editing like in Google Docs
From now on you can select the way to collaborate on documents by enabling one of the available co-editing modes:

Fast (like in Google Docs). In this case when you make an edit, the changes automatically appear on your co-author screens. The name next to the cursor indicates who is typing. This mode is enabled by default.

Strict is the ONLYOFFICE classic mode, when the changes appear as soon as one of the users saves his/her changes.

Select the mode that suits you best and collaborate with your teammates more efficiently.

For more information about the co-editing modes and their particularities, visit our Help Center.

Tracking changes while you edit documents
Turn on the Track Changes feature to visually keep track of what changes were made and who made them. Easily accept or reject them when reviewing the document.

To learn more about using the Track Changes, refer to our Help Center.

Moreover, ONLYOFFICE SaaS subscribers get access to the features already available in our server solution – ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition:

Note: these features are currently available for our ONLYOFFICE SaaS subscribers and Enterprise Edition users.

We appreciate any feedback so please do not hesitate to leave your questions and suggestions here in comments.

For any purchase questions, email us at or leave them in comments below.
If you have some technical problems, contact us at
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  • Hi. We use OnlyOffice and we really like it.
    We cant seem to find this new "Real-time collaborative editing like in Google Docs" function in our 3.6 open source version though.
    The documentation says its to be found in "Advanced settings" but there are no such functions.

  • The new track changes feature is awesome! Thank you so much for this.
    One comment / enhancement that I think is needed. When working on a document that has been track changed by another user, if I want to change / delete something that has been added by the other user, my edit deletes and removes their text. It would be best that the text simply be changed to strike-through instead of disappear so that it is clear that I made a change.. otherwise the removing of their text completely becomes confusing...
    Can this be fixed?

    Thanks so much

    • Hello Mike,

      Do you mean to suggest an other change and save the original text and the changes suggested by other users or to change the original text but save the changes suggested by other users?

      Thank you for your comments and suggestions!

      • Thanks for the response - sorry for the delay..
        Let's say I create a new document and then person "A" redlines it by adding a new sentence. When I look at the document I see his edits in color and underlined. Now, I want to delete the last word of the new sentence. When I delete it, the redlined word dissappears.. in Word, the deleted word would now show as a strikethrough'ed redline. Then, when person A looks at my edits, she can easily see that I propose that the last word is deleted.

        This is the one thing missing from what I can tell.. the product is great and really seems to be the best at maintaining fidelity with MS Word docs!!

        • Hi Mike,

          thank you for your suggestions and comments. I will forward them to our developer team.

          Have a great day!

          • Hi There... I saw that there is a major update - very nice... but seems like the issue I raised still exists... would really like to see this fixed.

  • Launch document server licenses only for integration with proprietary applications to the cloud and redistribution ?

    • Hello Alberto,

      If you wish to integrate our online editors (ONLYOFFICE Document Server) into your application, please submit your request here.

    • Hello Melissa,

      Yes, it would be great to extend editing to PDF docs as well. We have added it to our Wish List. Stay tuned!

      • Do you happen to have any updates on editing PDF's online? Are you planning on adding any form capabilities

    • Hi, Mokhtar.

      Unfortunatelly, the RTL is not supported in this version. The support will be added in one of the next versions.

  • Hi,

    will this be available also for opensource version. Will be anything from 2016 roadmap available for OS Version?


    • Hi,

      Yes, the new online document editors will be available for open source users soon. As for the 2016 roadmap, here is the list of features that will be available for open source version as well:


      • new address book with personal contacts,
      • Calendar integration,
      • auto-reply feature.


      • invitations to calendar events,
      • Mail integration.


      • IP telephony.
      • Hi Tati.

        I liked to learn that this is going into the open source repos as well.
        Can you provide a timeline for this?

        Yesterday I started of with an internal evaluation based on your docker containers and learned that they are still based on some older release (2.5 / 2.5.7)

        Kind regards, René

        • Hello René,

          The version 3.6 of ONLYOFFICE Document Editors will go open source in the nearest future. I will contact you as soon as it is available.

          Have a nice day!

          Best regards, Tati

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