ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition Pre-Order Starts Today

Hello everyone!

We’re glad to announce that ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition is now available for pre-order.

What is ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition

ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition is a self-hosted solution distributed under a commercial proprietary license that allows for deploying ONLYOFFICE suite under your company’s brand on your corporate servers.

Who can benefit

ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition will be the most suitable solution for those teams and companies

  • whose policy doesn’t favor public licensed software,
  • who are looking for advanced security configuration,
  • who need more customization options to use ONLYOFFICE under their company’s brand,
  • who are looking for more professional document editing features,
  • who wish to extend their own application functionality integrating ONLYOFFICE tools,
  • who need to have a considerable degree of independence from the vendor but at the same time who’d like to receive technical assistance while installing and updating ONLYOFFICE.

What’s included

ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition provides you with all the functionality of ONLYOFFICE open source, including all ONLYOFFICE modules and tools and gives you access to additional features, such as:

Control Panel with a set of automation tools allowing you to manage your web-office settings quickly and easily. It includes:

  • Rebranding
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Own Domain & HTTPS
  • LDAP
  • Login History & Audit Trail
  • Automatic Updates

New Online Document Editors 3.5 with professional document editing tools:

  • Version History
  • Commenting & Integrated Chat
  • Mail Merge
  • Text Art
  • Named Ranges
  • Adding/removing/modifying styles
  • Localization Settings Support

Moreover, we have transferred the online document editors server-side code from ASP.NET to Node.JS to enhance its performance.

1 Year Support Included.

How much will it cost?

ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition plans will be available as a 3-year subscription.

Pre-order ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition right now at the starting price of $10.

Pre-Order Now

Hurry up! The prices are valid till 30 November, 2015!

Wish to become a partner? – Join our partnership program here.


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  • Hello,

    Could you developp comments about the following functionnalities mentionned above:

    - Mail Merge
    - Names Ranges

    Thks in advance.

    • Hello Thierry,

      The Mail Merge feature is used to create a set of documents combining a common content which is taken from a text document and some individual components (variables, such as names, greetings etc.) taken from a spreadsheet (for example, a customer list). It can be useful if you need to create a lot of personalized letters and send them to recipients.

      As for Named Ranges, Names are meaningful notations that can be assigned for a cell or cell range and used to simplify working with formulas. Creating a formula, you can insert a name as its argument instead of using a reference to a cell range. For example, if you assign the Annual_Income name for a cell range, it will be possible to enter =SUM(Annual_Income) instead of =SUM(B1:B12). In such a form, formulas become clearer. This feature can also be useful in case a lot of formulas are referred to one and the same cell range. If the range address is changed, you can make the correction once using the Name Manager instead of editing all the formulas one by one.

      If you need more information, please not hesitate to contact us.

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