Teamlab Office Is Looking for Partners

28 April 2014By Alexander

Dear friends!01

Thanks to your support TeamLab Office has acquired its own face, its own style and identity. Working side by side with end users has proven to be the one and only right strategy and we are planning to deepen this type of collaboration considerably.

Most likely you have already explored the platform from A to Z, realizing its potential, usefulness and irreplaceability. Knowledge is power and it’s high time your power started converting into financial assets.

We have received a number of requests concerning the possibility to officially resell TeamLab Office and at this point we are ready to announce that our Partners Program is finally out and we offer you to do business with us.

We were well aware of the fact that there are numerous software distribution programs out there, so we wanted to make ours stand out among the rest. Here’s what makes our program different from any other one:


  • 1) No entry fees. On the contrary, we will give you a $50 bonus to test out the system.
  • 2) No obstacles. Don’t have your own website yet? We will generate one for you to become our official reseller.
  • 3) No miserable interest rate. We believe that partnership means equality. Consequently, we split profits with our partners in equal parts. At least 50% of your sales go to your pocket. Maybe even more, it all depends on your effort.

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Interested in launching your own business? You are just one click away from becoming our official reseller.

Feedback, questions, doubts, requests are more than welcome at