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Hello to everyone!

The topic of today’s post is a new mobile application available now on the App Store for free – TeamLab PM. It’s a project management app you can download and use on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or later.

How to download TeamLab PM?

You can find this brand new application on the App Store:

1. Run the iTunes program installed on your computer.
2. Access the App Store clicking ‘iTunes Store’ → ‘App Store’.
3. Select the ‘Business’ category from the drop-down list and find TeamLab PM in the list. Alternatively you can use the search field at the top of the program window.
4. Click the ‘Free’ button.
5. Log in to the iTunes Store.

The download process will start. After it is completed, you can find TeamLab PM switching to the ‘Library’ and selecting ‘Apps’ from the list.

How to get started with TeamLab PM on your device?

Next time you synchronize your iOS device with iTunes, TeamLab PM will be transferred to it.

After launching the mobile application, click the ‘Connect Portal’ button and log in to your TeamLab Office:

1. Enter the ‘Title’ of the TeamLab portal that will be displayed in TeamLab PM.
2. Enter the portal address.
3. Enter your email address you use to log in to your TeamLab portal.
4. Enter your password you use to log in to your TeamLab portal.

What operations can you perform within TeamLab PM?

TeamLab PM has all the basic functions of TeamLab Projects module: create and manage projects, milestones, tasks, subtasks, lead discussions, view documents attached to the tasks or projects.

Creating a project Creating a milestone Creating a task
Editing/deleting a task Viewing subtasks Viewing files attached to a task
Creating a discussion Viewing discussions Replying to comments

That’s all for today! If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact our support staff. In case you have valuable ideas on how to improve TeamLab PM or TeamLab Office, please add them to our feedback page.


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  • Bisher ist die TeamLab PM App nicht in Deutschland erhältlich. Ab wann wird denn das der Fall sein?

  • Hi Nina,
    Loving the news on the crm addition to the mobile app. Any news on adding the calendar feature as yet? If not, how do we integrate with/download to our phone calendars (iphone in my case).

    • Hello Natalie! Unfortunately so far TeamLab CRM isn't available as a mobile app, though we have it on the roadmap. As for the second question - iPhone calendar does not allow to import any events from 3rd - party application.

  • 1) Any update on Android release?

    2) Can you fix the bug that causes opportunities "created by" field in the full desktop version being viewed on firefox for android?

    My client just purchased 10 tablets on my reccomendation in expectation of android app to manage opportunities for sales force from road.

    This seems like a very easy fix. You cannot save the opportunity without a created by. Thanks.

    • Hello Brandon! TeamLab PM for Android is expected within a month, so stay tuned - we'll definitely announce it in our blog and social networks.
      As for the bug with opportunities - could you please, clarify your question? Since there are no "opportunities" in mobile version, there is no field for creating them.
      So it's not a bug. The good news is that we're planning a mobile application for TeamLab CRM module as well, so we'll forward your request to our developers.

  • Hi Teamlab.

    Interresting, but is there any possibility to create a timer? All i see is options to manage the tasks, discutions, etc, but i cannot enter any work time in it.


      • RT,Unfortunately there is no backup/restore otpoin in the server version. But you can still create a backup:- If you run the TeamLabServer.exe file, you can create a backup by means of MySQL.- If you run the TeamLabServerExpress.exe file, you can create a backup manually. Please follow: С://Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/TeamLab/TeamLab Server Express/Data. In this directory you'll find two folders a0Db with all data bases and Files containing all the uploaded files. To create a backup of your portal data, you should copy the contents of these two folders.PS: I see, you installed the TeamLabServer.exe version and can use the first otpoin, but I also added the second otpoin for other users to know

  • Hi Teamlab crew.. I love, love, love what you do! the only issue I have with the app is I can't access calendar! It's a little frustrating when my life is driven by appointments and where I have to be etc. any chance this is getting added into the app? The current layout is great and would work with the calendar. The next request would then be integrating mail & the CRM - at the moment I'm having to read it and delete it on one device then going into desktop teamlab and doing it all over again! thanks for everything.

    • Hi Natalie!
      Sorry for the delay with the answer and thank you very very very much for your kind words! Yes, unfortunately in this first basic version of TeamLab mobile app there is no calendar.
      As for the CRM module it will be implemented as a separate application for the sake of convenience. It's already planned.
      Thank you once again and have a good day!

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