TeamLab Documents Get a New Uniform Format

A much-anticipated change in the work with documents in your TeamLab Office is coming. In this post we’d like to officially say good bye to TeamLab internal formats – .doct, .xlst, .pptt – and welcome the well-known format of Microsoft Office 2007 and higher.

This format is called Open Office XML. It was developed by Microsoft for saving and exchanging editable office documents and includes the following file extensions: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX.

This slight change will bring big benefits. After the release on Thursday, 27th June 2013 you will be able to

  • create new text documents in .docx, online excel spreadsheets in .xlsx, presentations in .pptx directly in your TeamLab Office,
  • use files of this commonly used format from your Box, Dropbox, Google, or SkyDrive account in TeamLab Office and vice versa without conversion,
  • embed documents from TeamLab Office into your website or blog letting the visitors download them in the format that is supported by almost any document editor,
  • download files from the TeamLab portal and look them through on your computer without bothering about the application you can use to open these documents,
  • attach documents to your emails and send them to various recipients who will be able to read them using any document viewer.

That is all our news we wanted to let you know about!

If you have any questions regarding the forthcoming changes, please feel free to ask them in comments to this post or in emails to our support staff. In case you’d like to share your thoughts about how to improve TeamLab Office and the ‘Documents’ module, please add your suggestions to our feedback page.


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  • This is the 2nd feature that kept me from really using this. That and the access of guests to documents that were created for them to access.
    Now it seems both of these have been resolved. If so, we'll try again.

  • Does this mean DOCX, etc. format files will now take advantage of TeamLab versioning capabilities that are (for now) only applied to DOCT, etc?

    • Hello Thomas,
      Yes, you are right! You will be able to access and manage previous versions of DOCX, XLSX, PPTX documents in TeamLab Office.

      • This is a huge help. Now if you can just implement simple check-out / check-in functionality it will really help with team collaboration

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