Why Office Edition?

Recently we have launched TeamLab Reboot campaign that gave birth to a whole new product. As we have already announced, the commercial version of TeamLab is going to include text, online spreadsheet (and later) presentation editors that will become the basis of the platform interconnecting all of its modules. That’s exactly why the new version is called Office Edition.

The lack of full-fledged document editors in the cloud has eventually brought about the introduction of the first toolset of this kind. From our standpoint modern businesses have to handle too much paperwork and can’t afford to shift it back and forth between desktop and online. The idea of packing your office to the cloud has every right to exist, but let’s be honest, your work is not only about completion of certain tasks and maintaining your CRM contacts in one place. Our internal statistics indicates that ever since the “documents” module was introduced, our users have created more than two million documents. With these numbers in mind we realized the importance of this module and are planning to deepen its intergration with other modules.

The goal is to make it possible to completely transfer all of your paperwork to the cloud. Considering the fact that we possess a unique HTML-5 canvas technology, allowing you to perform desktop operations with documents online, we thought it would be logical to make the most of it. There is no need to buy another flash drive, share another folder on your desktop or resort to separate office applications anymore. With the realease of 7.0 version, TeamLab becomes more than just a platform for project management, penetrating online document management market.

For those of you, who don’t have a huge experience in online document editing (and for those of you who do) we decided to launch a new “raw facts” campaign. It will illustrate what practical advantages our editors have. Interested in what makes TeamLab Office Edition revolutionary? Follow the updates on facebook, twitter and google plus to find out why your service is truly unique. Have a good one!


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  • Hi Alexander! Thanks for your feedback. I'll look up for this solution using my own server. Anyway, thanks for your attention and congratulations for this great tool

  • Thank you for feedback Tiago. The thing is we had already announced that we had been planning TeamLab monetization in our blog post here: http://www.teamlab.com/blog/2012/09/teamlab-7-0-pricing/

    TeamLab is getting more and more features and sustaining the service for free is no longer possible. We may suggest you to try using the server solution of TeamLab that can be hosted on your own server, not limiting the amount of your users. This way you won't have to pay for it. Please follow the link below to read more about TeamLab server solution: http://www.teamlab.com/server.aspx

  • Hello!

    The reason for this contact is to express my dissatisfaction at being surprised by the new version of Teamlab Office. However, before proceeding, I must congratulate the team for the excellent tool created! But I can not deny that I was upset to know that now there will be restriction of users in the FREE version.

    Recently I dedicated two weeks to study the viability of implanting this tool in my business, and now, when we were about to put it into practice, I was informed that there is a limit of 10 users and no longer unlimited as it was until last week.

    My company is small and has approximately 50 employees, of which only 15 people are in the administrative area, meaning that they will use daily teamlab. But we wanted to put everyone in touch with each other to create an integration between them, for example, have an address book with all phones, know the anniversaries of the month, etc.

    Finally, I had fed the entire Teamlab system and was about to test it in real day to day operations, but with this new scenario restricting users I no longer know what to do. Is there any possibility to revise the amount of registered users and back as it was before, unlimited?

    Thank you in advance for your attention!

  • Yuri, Pavlo thank you for your feedback. Non-profit organizations will have an opportunity to use Teamlab for free, that's for sure.

    • How can NGO's apply for the free edition?
      We are an sport NGO but we have more users than the free edition can offer.

  • Your tool with PM+CRM+DocFlow+SocialNetwork in one is very useful for civil initiatives, for active people who want to change something. Usually they have much energy and not much money.

    So please leave the possibility for civil initiatives and NGOs to use TeamLab for free!
    You'll make much impact to improving lives of huge amount of people!

  • I beg your pardon for misunderstanding Samuel. When I mentioned the release of TeamLab 7.0 (Office Edition) I meant the stable SaaS version of the service (what you have already tested was the beta-version). The release of TeamLab 7.0 as an opensource solution will take place not earlier than in the first quarter of 2013. In order to complete the upgrade from 5.0 to 7.0 you will have to successively upgrade to 6.0 then 6.5 and 7.0.Thanks for your support!

  • Thank you Alexander. I did saw the release yesterday and haven't tested it yet. I myself would wait for the 7.0 version to be released this year (is it the same version for office edition or 6.5?) as I have lot of customizations to do in the new version. I am running 5.0 and I hope that you support upgrade to 7.0 from 5.0.

    I can't wait for the 7.0 release. Tried it in SaaS and it is brilliant. You guys rock.

    Add a submit button to post a comment. I just hit enter from the recaptcha.

  • will the new release of opensource or office edition will be compatible with Win Server 2012 and DotNet 4.5?

    Can we expect a release of these editions before the end of this month? thank you!

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