100 Raw Facts about TeamLab Office Edition. Part II.

Some more minor but important facts on our global release.

Final ones

Thanks to the liquid layout of the user interface, the portal content will be displayed correctly on any screens.

With more convenient, tree-folder navigation you will always know where you are at the portal at the moment, get back easily to any of the previous elements or find a desired feature.

More filter presets to ease your search. For example, under the Projects section in the Projects module you will be able to make use of the “My”, “Projects I follow”, “Active” presets.

Less Clicking

More docs with less clicks! The embedded file converter makes a batch upload of documents possible even with different formats.

Fast access to the most basic operations with the Create New… button available from every page in the Documents, Projects and Community modules.

More and More

A nice benefit mostly demanded by small teams and non-profit organizations – an option for members to be a part of several groups at a time.

Feed as a single notification center: learn what’s new in all the modules of the portal at a glance.

Even more filters for speedy content search.

If you’re eager to make use of the new TeamLab options and enjoy the described benefits, switch to new version 7.0: go to your portal Settings, scroll down till the Portal Version and choose 7.0, beta.


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  • Well done on your latest release of TeamLab. We are trialling it at the moment and expect to use the SaaS version.

    We have a question regarding access levels in the Community module and, in particular, the Wiki. We want to be able to post some Wiki pages as 'read only'. Is this possible? Without this feature, the value of the Wiki to us is significantly diminished.


    • Vince, currently we do not plan to revise the access rights settings as the majority of our users are quite satisfied with it. You can add your suggestions to our special feedback form http://feedback.teamlab.com so that other TeamLab users could vote for it. If your idea gains a lot of votes, it'll be implemented.

  • Hi,
    New version is really great, I love it.
    However, I cannot create new folder in Project's document.

    In addition, after I switched back to 6.5 version, I found that sharing setting is disappear from Documents. Are there any ways to fix it?


  • Como siempre seguimos mejorando.
    Las primeras impresiones
    no podían ser mejores,
    gracias TeamLab por el trabajo.
    Seguiremos investigando,
    disfrutando de las nuevas opciones
    y de los avances, que son muchos.
    A todo el equipo mis felicitaciones
    por esta actualización de lujo.

  • Thank you TeamLab for listening to your dedicated users. I am proud to say that I was the one who started from user side the proposal for premium open-source edition and a single user in multiple groups. :)

    My few other suggestions (it is easier to make one)

    Redesign your website. Make it more professional. Bring colours to it. Eg: see Zendesk,etc.

    I assume that you have allowed users in the new version to change email messages. My users was confused with teamlab headers on it. However, I managed to edit it. Not to all emails though.

    The last one, make a forum (not sourceforge). But, a good one like vbulletin and manage it for some time. After it is established, leave the responsibility to some very good programmers who can answer almost any tech questions (not me though!). Just like how other forums function.

    • Dear Samuel, we appreciate your feedback, thanks a lot! As for the website redesign - we'll update our website within the official release of the new version.

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