TeamLab 7.0: pricing

Recently we have received a lot of inquiries about our pricing policy after the release of the new version of TeamLab. This post is aimed at answering those questions and generally clarifying the situation.

TeamLab 7.0 is a virtual office that includes the following modules and instruments: “Documents” with online editors on board, “Projects”, “CRM”, “Community”, “People”, “Calendar” and “Mail”.

The office is going to be available in 2 packages:

1) TeamLab Office Edition – a commercial version of the product.

2) TeamLab Public Edition – an open source version.

TeamLab Office Edition will include all of the modules and instruments mentioned above and is going to be available in two deployment models: SaaS and Server Solution.

The price of the SaaS version of TeamLab Office Edition will depend on the number of portal’s active users. We are planning to offer the following pricing plans:

1-10 Users              12 USD/month

11-15 Users            25 USD/month

16-25 Users            50 USD/month

26-35 Users            75 USD/month

36-50 Users            125 USD/month

51-100 Users          250 USD/month

101-500 Users        500 USD/month

The free trial period will start from the day of Teamlab 7.0 stable release and will last for 30 days.

The Server Solution of TeamLab Office Edition will allow you to create your own TeamLab portal in a private cloud. The release of the server solution is expected to take place two month after the introduction of the stable SaaS version. The product is going to be distributed as an installation under a commercial license. The pricing policy will be announced later.

We are willing to provide non-profit organizations and educational institutions with indivudial plans for TeamLab Office Edition.

TeamLab Public Edition is a free opensource solution that includes all of the modules and tools of TeamLab 7.0 with the exception of online editors. The source code will be available for download on and A step-by-step instruction on how to install it will be at your disposal on our website. TeamLab Public Edition will be licensed under the Affero GPL license.

What about TeamLab 6.5?

We will continue to support TeamLab 6.5 for 6 months after the release of the stable version of TeamLab 7.0 on old terms. After 6 months users will be offered to either switch to TeamLab SaaS Office Edition or install TeamLab Public Edition on their own server.


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  • Hello
    Is there any free trial? We would like to give it a try and use it in our company for our employees.

  • My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find most of your post's to be precisely what I'm looking for.
    Do you offer guest writers to write content to suit your needs?
    I wouldn't mind writing a post or elaborating on a number of the subjects
    you write concerning here. Again, awesome blog!

  • When will be the source code for 7.0 available for download? It was announced in 1Q/2013 and the quarter is over.

    • Milton, hi.
      We haven't clarified the storage in this post as it is mentioned above, that the prices , we've provided here are approximate and we are still making a decision.
      However, the storage for the minimal plan will start from 10 Gb and can be enlarged if necessary.

  • Well, it seems to me that you're still stuck between two business models - the purposefully featureless and cheap Basecamp and (now pricey) enterprise-only Huddle (that started as a 10 dollar SaaS back in 2008 and struggled to the current model).

    Active Directory and generic LDAP integration is the key feature for the enterprise, and you're well positioned to be there. Native apps for iOS and Android - probably count in too. Enterprise in focused more on collaboration & integration - not on the cloud web-based office editor/viewer.

    Teamlab is a great service until now (price/performance) and we moved from Huddle in the Summer of '11 - hopefully we'll be with you. Not Sharepoint or Russian cloud for $300 (

    • Dmitry, thank you for the input!
      We're glad that you find Teamlab a great service - we'll do our best to remain the same.
      As for native mobile apps - sure, we understand the importance of them and keep it in the roadmap.

  • First I want to restate what I've said elsewhere on this site: After a considerable amount of time and research I chose TeamLab as my projects and team collaboration tool. I found it to be the perfect combination of features, ease of use, design and price.

    I've watched (and participated) as the tool has matured and expanded its abilities. During this time I have become almost as fervent an evangelist for TeamLab as I am for Evernote. And that's saying a lot.

    It is good to see that TeamLab has a plan for its long-term viability as I was concerned when I saw the quote, "TeamLab will always be free." Knowing there was no way they could stay in business if they only sold extra space.

    This does present a conundrum for my particular situation however, and I'm quite surprised that I haven't seen others chime in that share in my challenge: I've been using TeamLab as a client portal. Because TeamLab's user management tools aren't sophisticated enough I have to create a new TeamLab portal for each client to prevent them from seeing each other's work/comments/calendar/etc. This new business model will be a huge burden on my bottom line. Especially when some clients may not have an active project for a few months, or even a year, while I continue to pay for a service that isn't being used.

    Since I appear to be in the minority I'm not expecting TeamLab to create a pricing model that will suit my needs. But there are a few scenarios that I can think of that may be beneficial to me:
    1. Offer a lower cost solution for those of us with a smaller number of collaborators (as many have mentioned already). In my case that would equate to a number of portals at a lower rate rather than the option of dropping TeamLab entirely (horror of horrors).
    2. Work on beefing up the user management tool so that I can use one portal for multiple clients (I understand this might be quite a challenge but I have to ask).
    3. Offer up the code (as suggested by Erlend above) so we can port it to Linux. I have been hosting clients for over twelve years now and not one is on a IIS box. And I have no intention of ever purchasing a Windows box for a single purpose use.

    Thanks again for a great tool and providing us an opportunity to participate in the future of TeamLab.

    • Michael, sorry for such a late reply!
      We appreciate your support and evangelism greatly.
      We are proud to have such customers, thank you for you warm words.

      Regarding your questions.
      As far as I see, the main reason to create a personal portal for each client - is access rights system. Could you please, clarify this?

      • Yes Nina, it is about the access rights system.

        The easiest way to describe this is to give you a scenario:
        Let's say I have two clients; John and Bob. I create a portal (assuming I have no portals), and add John to the portal so we can discuss his web project, I can post documents for his approval, we can schedule meetings on the calendar and I can assign him tasks. Bob owns a different company and he's hired us to create a marketing campaign. I add him to the portal but he can see certain areas of the portal that John and I are already discussing. That simply won't do. While I have the ability to keep some areas closed to Bob, others I do not. That goes both ways. If I add two clients to the same portal they are going to see each other's project details in one form or another. If we had more access control over more of the portal then this would allow me to use this for multiple clients. As it stands I cannot.

        • Michael, thank you for clarifying this.
          I believe, there is a solution for you and your clients.

          You can create private projects for both clients - Bob and John. In this case, everything, including documents and project discussions will be accessible for those only who participate in the project.
          Thus, John will see only the information regarding his project, and the same with Bob.

          Besides, as you know, you can set individual access rights for each document.

          I also can recommend you to take a look at this blog post -

          We've made a detailed description of Teamlab access rights management opportunities and I believe, you can make use of it.

          Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

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