TeamLab 7.0: Integrating and Sharing Google, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive Accounts

I’m sure, almost all of you already know that TeamLab brand new version is on the way. In the meanwhile to smooth over the expectation, we’d like to tell you about its possibilities. The topic of today’s post is integration of Google, Box, Dropbox, and SkyDrive accounts with TeamLab Documents module.

The general idea of this feature is to enable synchronization between TeamLab and other services. While adding a third party account to TeamLab, a folder is created where all documents from it will be visible. You can manage them as you like, but deleting a file stored in such a folder, bear in mind that it will also be removed from the third party account and this action cannot be undone.

You know all of that, but the absolutely new thing is that in the coming version you will be able to grant access rights for these folders to other portal users.

To integrate a Google, Box, Dropbox, or SkyDrive account with TeamLab, you’ll need to switch to the Documents module and select one of the options depending on the needed service (just as you do in the current version 6.5). After logging in to your account in a third party service and altering the default folder title according to your needs, you’ll be able to select whether to put the created folder into the ‘Common Documents’ section letting all portal users look through the documents visible there or not.

After that the folder will be displayed in the ‘My Documents’ or ‘Common Documents’ section (depending on your decision).

If you made up your mind to grant access to this folder for certain portal users or groups only and left the ‘Make shared and put into Common Documents’ box unchecked, you can set access rights clicking the ‘Share’ button.

In the appeared window you can add particular users and/or groups. By default the added portal users and groups get read only access to the folder, but you can also grant them full access or deny it.

Within TeamLab Documents there are three access levels:
  • read only - the user or group will be able only to view the document
  • full access - the user or group will be able to view and edit the document
  • deny access - this option is used to block access previously granted to the user or group

To delete a user/group from the list, just click the icon.

You can save your valuable time even now in version 6.5 granting access to all portal users except several of them or a certain group instead of adding every user separately. For this purpose, just click the 'Add group' link, select the 'Everyone' option and set the read only or full access level for it. Then add a certain group or user using one of the links and select the 'Deny access' option.

Just like in the current version, to inform the people you shared the folder with, you can check the ‘Send notification’ box. If you’d like to write your own message to them instead of the standard one, click the ‘Add message’ link and enter your text.

As simple as that! If you have questions or need assistance, you are welcome to visit our Help Center or write to our Support Staff. In case you have ideas on how to improve TeamLab or can get along without some feature, please leave a comment on our feedback page or vote for other users’ suggestions published there and track their fulfillment status. This page is regularly checked out and updated. Any feedback counts!


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  • Is there a way to link docs to project docs. I linked my dropbox to docs and now i want to use specific folders for specific projects, similarly i want to use specific files to specific contracts in the CRM, is this possible without duplicating files and eating up from the 1GB limit? are there work arounds?

    • Hello Badawi,
      Within the 'Documents' module there is a section named 'Project Documents' where you can find folders corresponding to the projects you have access to. So you can access the same documents from the 'Projects' and 'Documents' module. But if you want to use the files from your integrated Dropbox account within the 'Projects' module, you'll need to copy the Dropbox folder (or separate files from it) and save the duplicate within the corresponding project folder of the 'Documents' module. To save free space, you can disconnect from Dropbox deleting the corresponding directory in the 'Documents' module.
      As for CRM, there is no such integration between this module and 'Documents'.
      If you need to constantly synchronize data between your Dropbox account and TeamLab project documents, please add a suggestion to our special feedback page for other users to vote for it. It's a great idea in my opinion. If it gets popular, this feature will be implemented in one of the future releases.

  • Can you give us at least a clue to the arrival date? Days? Weeks? Months? Also how long after it is released should we expect to wait for the self hosted version 7 to be released?

    Thanks for an awesome product!

  • Dropbox and Google Drive access are working fine for me, but I can't drill down more than one level into my directory. When I click a folder within the Box directory, I see the "Loading" graphic for a moment, then it goes away and nothing happens: I'm still in the Box directory. I tried removing and re-adding the Box account... Any ideas?

  • I guess many people stop using TEAMLAB in these days and wait whether there will be a reasonable price for version 7. You should not let them (and us) wait too long.

  • Do you also offer the other way round that I can access the teamlab doc-space via my Mac Finder or Windows Explorer as a network drive?

    • Hello Tobi,
      This option isn't planned for version 7.0, but if you need it, please leave your suggestion on our special feedback page for other users to vote for it. If your idea becomes popular, it will be implemented into TeamLab.

  • Is it possible to only share 1 folder in Dropbox with Teamlab. The functionality is nice but having access to entire Dropbox is problematic.

    • Dear BK user,
      After integrating a Dropbox account with TeamLab, all the objects stored there will be available on your portal.
      Then you can grant access for other portal users to the whole directory (containing all objects) or to particular documents only.

      • I linked my dropbox account and stated in the "name of folder section" one folder name that relates to my teamlab portal, nevertheless teamlab imported all my dropbox folders including personal files that i don't want in here, i then wanted to remove some of these folders and accidentally deleted these folders from dropbox (recovered them later)

        Now it is important for me to know whether i can select some of my dropbox folders or not, besides since i imported everything by mistake, the question becomes, can i unlink these folder? if yes then how? if not possible at all then how can i unlink dropbox at all from teamlab.

        thanks and looking forward to the new teamlab 7 experience.

        all the best teamlab team and thanks in advance

        • Hello Badawi,
          There are two ways to disconnect your Dropbox account from TeamLab. The first one is:
          1. Access the 'Documents' module.
          2. Open the 'My Documents' or 'Common Documents' section.
          3. Find the Dropbox directory and click the 'Show Folder Actions' icon on the right and select the 'Delete third party' option from the menu.
          The other way is:
          1. Access the 'Documents' module.
          2. Click the 'Settings' link at the left-side panel.
          3. Find your Dropbox account and click the 'Show Folder Actions' icon on the right and select the 'Delete' option from the menu.
          Unfortunately, it's not possible to integrate only some of your Dropbox folders with TeamLab in the current version.

      • While the ability to grant permissions to individual folders after they are upload is OK - it remains less than ideal. There are folders in my Dropbox that are not in anyway related to the TeamLab portal and uploading them takes up one's allotted storage space unnecessarily. Consequently, I will not be using this feature.

        Nevertheless, I am becoming a big fan of TeamLab and look forward to using the new version. I find 6.5 to be a reliable and helpful product.

        Thank you.

    • This would be a must-have for us also! We want to share an (already) shared Dropbox-Folder but not the whole directory... But I don't even know if Dropbox offers this possibility.

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