In the Meanwhile, TeamLab Mastered Finnish and Portuguese

Almost everything has already been said about the new features and improvements of the latest SaaS version… but only a few TeamLab users are in the know that their portals are available in two more languages now – Finnish and Portuguese!

It became possible thanks to our contributing translators who joined us and have been working hard to achieve this goal:

Finnish Translators Portuguese Translators
Juha Olkkonen Carlos Machado
Joonas Klaavu Bruno Pereira
Joonas Tuomainen João Arcanjo
Juho Hietala Filipe Rocha
Outi Järvinen Rui Rodrigues

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to all of them for dedication and outstanding efforts:

Thank you guys!

Note: if you want to learn more about the progress of TeamLab translation into different languages, have a look at the table below where all the languages are listed TeamLab is being translated into together with the current completion rate:

Afrikaans 6% completed Lithuanian 21% completed
Arabic (UAE) 6% completed Mongolian 11% completed
Arabic (Tunisia) 1% completed Norwegian 24% completed
Armenian 2% completed Polish 72% completed
Azerbaijani 30% completed Portuguese (Brazilian) 57% completed
Bulgarian 10% completed Romanian 13% completed
Chinese 96% completed Serbian (Cyrillic) 2% completed
Chinese (Traditional) 6% completed Serbian (Latin) 21% completed
Croatian 17% completed Slovak 30% completed
Czech 35% completed Slovenian 2% completed
Danish 22% completed Swedish 6% completed
Dutch 26% completed Thai 2% completed
Estonian 20% completed Turkish 72% completed
Farsi 31% completed Ukrainian 72% completed
Georgian 30% completed Vietnamese 81% completed
Greek 51% completed Catalan 0% completed*
Hebrew 62% completed Icelandic 0% completed*
Hungarian 16% completed Japanese 0% completed*
Indonesian 4% completed Macedonian 0% completed*
Korean 29% completed Uzbek 0% completed*

*0% means that there were translators who wanted to contribute to translation in this language but couldn't start translating for some unknown reason.

If you want to use your TeamLab portal in one of these languages, please feel free to take the chance and participate in translation. The whole process of getting a TeamLab contributing translator is described in detail in this user guide. In case you still have questions, please write to us at


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