TeamLab Summer Upgrade Series: New Document Editor

Another summer week and some of you are probably lying on the beach with a refreshing mojito in hand. Meanwhile TeamLab  keeps on upgrading regardless of these tempting sunny days to make a surprise for you when you’re back from the vacation 🙂

So, what are the upgrades this time? A new TeamLab Document Editor. It surpasses the previous one both in the features range, operation speed and fluency of work.

If we describe the improvements in more details, now you get:

  • almost unlimited number of fonts
  • a considerably extended list of styles
  • faster performance regardless of a document size
  • improved table processing
  • painless insertion of pictures, headers and footers in documents
  • complete identity of document displayed and printed or imported versions

To be honest, we’re proud of the new TeamLab Editor as its technology gets ahead of the approaches commonly used in online document processing. We hope you’ll estimate the upgrade at its true value and as usually we’re waiting excited and curious for your feedback at, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Please note that TeamLab Document Editor has been released in beta version and shows the best possible performance in Google Chrome.


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  • Sold!

    I have been online trying to find a project management software program that would help me deal with my organization and momentum issues regarding the writing and completion of my thesis for graduate school.

    While I loved some of the beautiful, popout GUI and colorization of other similar cloud utilities and their "risk" and "issue" and "ideas for mitigation of risks/issues" capabilities, I'm going with TeamLab.

    So can I just say: Wow, TeamLab developers!!!! Good document editing in the cloud so that I can bypass downloading? Really? Really!?!! OH. MY! Yes, yes, yes!!! I am sold since . . .

    This is in addition to features such as the: milestones feature, calendar, timer (so that one can log hours and learn more about one's patterns, process, and prioritization/effort needs, time dispersal needs, etc.), ability to list out all tasks and subtasks, commenting ability . . . I think this might help a lot.

    And this all works and comes together for my needs ONLY because the online editor rounds out these features. I'm so glad Teamlab exists.

    I have shared with friends how TeamLab helps me stay on track as an academic researcher-writer.

    I only speak a little Spanish, but I'll try:
    Gracias por todo su trabajo duro. !Maravilloso, bien hecho, y muchisimas gracias! Y por favor, continuan Uds. este trabajo importante! Quizas en el futuro cerco habia "risk" and "risk management" components. (Unless I'm overlooking them? I've only been working with the software for a little while.)

    Thanks again, and take care!

    • Thank you so much for your supportive feedback! You can't even imagine how we're touched by your words. As for the risk management features, you're not mistaken, we haven't included them yet. You can leave a more detailed reguest here in our special feedback form

  • Wow! This is awesome. I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention and press. It totally blows away Google Docs and Microsoft Skydrive/Webapps/whatever.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! We hope to get more social buzz later, as we'll announce the next version of our Editor.

  • Hi:

    When to edit an excel archive, it return the next error:

    "Mensaje de Error:
    El documento supera el límite de tamaño establecido (300 filas y 40 columnaspor hoja o celdas por libro). Esto mostrará 40 columnas de 961."

    Is it a temporal limit?

    • In the current version of the editor there's a limit. But with a next coming release this limit will be removed.

  • In my installation, which is version 5 I think, there is no online document editor present (Server edition). How can I get this option?

  • Это обновление для SaaS версии или для серверной версии TeamLab?

  • aww now your just slaughtering the competition D:
    great job I really like the editor especially for docs, no need to download, edit and re-upload anymore ha! :D

  • Спасибо за редактор. Отличный интрефес и возможности. Единственная проблема - время загрузки страницы при запуске вьюера или редактора увеличилось в несколько раз. Превращается в проблему при не очень хорошем соединении.

    • Илья, при первой загрузке документа идет его конвертация в формат нашего редактора. В следующий раз загрузка этого документа уже не займет столько времени, т.к. он уже был сконвертирован. Мы постоянно работаем над повышением скорости работы c TeamLab Editor, в будущем среднее время загрузки документов сократится.

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