One Workspace for Three Accounts

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, as the song goes. To make your teamwork much easier, we’re working really hard all through this sunny season: recently you’ve read about our new version and now for some more good news! Right now in your portal you can already get use of integrating your TeamLab workspace with accounts in Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

The account integration feature allows you to

  • edit the data stored at the above mentioned services right in TeamLab Document Editor without any additional downloads,
  • share the files from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box with your colleagues,
  • move them between the three accounts,
  • download resource folders to any other location.

So, if you have accounts in Google Drive, Dropbox and Box and would like to synchronize them with your TeamLab portal:

1. Go to the Documents module and press the Add resource option on the upper panel.

2. Enter your login and password of the required resource.

3. Allow to grant access for the account (for Google Drive and Dropbox).

4. Name the folder with the resource data.

5. The folder with the files from the added resource will emerge in the My Documents or, if you are a portal administrator, you can choose between My Documents and Common Documents.

Please, note:

  • you can remove the resource from TeamLab by using the Delete third party option in the right-click dropdown menu;
  • all the actions applicable to common elements in My Documents are available inside the resource folder as well;
  • if you decide to delete a document from the resource folder, the removal will be irreversible and this file won’t be placed to TeamLab Recycle Bin

This integration feature is launched in Beta version for you to try and leave your feedback.


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  • Got this working (the dropbox one), and it's great. One additional feature that I would like to see is the ability to add access control to the synced folders. At the moment it appears that I can synch to dropbox folder to a folder within my documents or a completely public folder in shared documents. Ideally I would like to sync the folder to a folder in the shared documents with restricted access.

    • Hello Anna, thank you for your feedback. The access rights feature for the synched folders will appear in the coming 7.0 release.

      • Brilliant! That will be really really useful!
        If a couple of different admins add different dropbox accounts is there somewhere centrally that an admin can view (and maybe even edit those they themselves didn't add?) all the connections?

  • Hello.
    Can i share project document? I've got a situation - i created table and nobody from my team can edit document. If i give the rights to manage Documents in Setting - nothing happening.


    • Egor, sorry for the late answer. If you share a document within a project, other members won't be able to edit them. Upload this doc to the Documents module - and give access to your collegues, then they'll get an opportunity to edit it.

  • Hello there!

    I am wondering about Yandex.Disk - the files storage by russian search service Yandex (guess you know ;)). Do you plan to connect it to Teamlab?


  • Hello!
    Dropbox module doesn't appear in my account :(
    Please help!
    Thank you!


    • Sergey, please make sure you have switched to the 6.5 version: Go to your portal Settings, scroll down till Portal version, choose New version (6.5)

  • WOW! Wow! wow!

    I'm blown away. I knew this was a winning platform from the first moment I looked at it. I've tried, installed and reviewed at least ten possibilities for a team portal and finally gave up and settled on Google Pages. Your integration of Google Docs is better than Google's solution. Elegant and painless.


    One suggestion: as we add more an more documents to our portal it would be nice to have a way to know how much storage we are using without going to settings>statistics. Maybe something like the way Gmail has the text at the bottom with the percentage used and "Using XGB of your XGB."

    • Hello Michael, thank you very much for your appreciation of our service! We'll definitely send your suggestion to our developers and you can also leave it here

  • I can't find the "Delete third party option" in any of the menus. How exactly do you do that?

    • Hello, Ray. Make a right click at the checkbox on the left of the folder and the option Delete third party will be the last in the dropdown menu.

  • Hi there. Can I choose specific folders wtihin Dropbox to integrate? I don't want to integrate all my folders with this TeamLab project.

    • Hello Nora, at the moment only integration with all the service is available, you cannot choose some specific folders.

    • Yes, the integation with SkyDrive is being already developed, we'll certailnly inform about that as soon as it's ready.

  • When and if the "Add Resource" option actually appears, will I be able to add my SkyDrive account?

    • The integration with SkyDrive is still under development, we'll let you know as soon as it's ready.

  • Will the changed contents of Dropbox will update files or add new ones to resource folder on Teamlab?

    • All the operations you perform on the documents from resource folders at your Teamlab portal are actually conducted in the original folder of the integrated service, it means that all the updates will be reflected on the portal, unless you rename or move an element into another folder within the internal interface of the integrated service.

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