TeamLab: What will the future bring?

As you may already know, we constantly gather all TeamLab users’ suggestions in our special feedback form to understand your needs and expectations. Today’s post illustrates two points: the value and importance of your feedback and our determination to be truly client-oriented company developing TeamLab according to your requests. But no more lyrics, let’s pass to the facts.

So, what are we going to implement from the features you’ve suggested?

Let’s start with the Projects section. The good news is that it will be essentially revised this month. We’ve followed your most popular requests and prepared a few important updates, including:

  • subtasks;
  • tasks priority;
  • project statuses: active, paused, closed;
  • new format for time tracking: hours/minutes;
  • the ability to filter tasks by due date, person in charge, milestone, status and your personal tasks;
  • extended description field in tasks;
  • the ability to remove attached files in tasks.

The listed options will be firstly released in the beta-version in several weeks, and you’ll be able to switch between the old and new versions to understand which one is more convenient for you.

In the next summer releases we also plan to significantly enhance the tasks features: introduce recurring tasks, the ability to “accept” a task and task statuses. The report system will also be improved and integrated with the Documents module, the section about milestones will be added.

There’re also two suggestions for Projects – Gantt charts and tasks dependency – that keep to be in the top requests. Paying attention to this high demand, we’re already working on its implementation. This functionality is closely connected with all the components of the Projects, and our goal is to make the integration of these new functions efficient and smooth at the same time, keeping the whole system as simple as before. It requires considerable human and time resources, but we plan to add the mentioned features in less than half a year.

Documents is the second point in TeamLab grand releases schedule for the near future. This summer we will add a completely new fully-fledged Document Editor, built in HTML5. Unlike the current editor in TeamLab Docs and other popular editors like Google Docs, Zoho Writer, this fresh TeamLab Document Editor will provide a considerable number of benefits, such as:

  • a richer toolset that includes advanced table processing, line spacing, multi-level numbering, text and heading styles;
  • fast upload and processing of multi-page documentation;
  • absolute identity of document displayed and printed or imported versions, regardless of browser or OS;
  • a maximum number of fonts with hieroglyphs included.

Currently, you can try the beta version of TeamLab Document Editor at We’ll be glad to receive your feedback!

That’s our roadmap for Projects and Documents. As you may see, we’ve taken into account most of your popular suggestions and hope, you’ll be satisfied with the results 🙂

P.S. Next time you’ll get to know our plans on CRM and Calendar. Stay tuned!


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  • but
    i want a new version for installing it on my server
    but i go to download and i found a old release

    Yuo know a data for standalone teamlab setup ?

    • Fabi, we'll update the open source version in the near future, approximately, in a month.

  • When will the above mentioned changes go live? Is there a beta version which I can test as I am really looking forward to the changes in Project

  • I have some recommendations:
    1. When creating a Milestone or a task, and a date is picked, we need to be able to set a date range and times. Also, we need the ability to set a reminder. As it stands right now, the milestones and tasks with dates show up on the calendar, but you can’t set reminders. So we have to add additional duplicate calendar items so that we can take advantage of the reminder feature of calendar items.
    Also, as a side note… even if you add a ‘description’ to the milestone, the description does not show up on the calendar item, only when viewing the milestone in the project screens.
    Finally, the 10 MB per file limit needs to be raised. Many PPT presentations can easily be over 10MB. Raising the limit to 20 MB seems more reasonable.

    2. strangely, in the pre-release version when I created a project template, I can’t set who the team members are for the template like I could in the stable release version. So now I have to manually add team members to every new project I create. I am thinking about switching back to the stable version, even though I need the ability to have multiple admins that is available in the pre-release version.

  • I'd like to have also a 'wiki' section under each project, following its sharing settings

  • В данном посте было сказано, что обновление в Проектах будет в течение нескольких недель. Для меня они очень важны. Прошел уже месяц - когда можно опробовать бета-версию?

    • Михаил, все верно. Вы можете переключиться на новые "Проекты" в разделе "Настройки" Вашего портала.

  • I would also like to echo the already-made comments about two-way calendar-sync being a must-have feature.

  • We've been using TeamLab for a year, and decided that the most desired things, that we really needed and wanted were:
    1. Adjustable task statuses
    2. Report «Closed tasks with spent time», where we'd able to see list of closed tasks with aggregated spent time. Because now we can get either list of spent time, or spent time for a user, or by clicking each of tasks and get the time.

    And list of small issues that spoil our life :) like small textarea for task description, it's deshonestly that comments have wysiwyg but task's description doesn't

    • Iliya, as for your minor issue - small text area - it will be changed in the nearest release. Concerning the other suggestions, thanks a lot, we'll consider their implementation.

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