Synchronizing TeamLab Calendar with Other Calendars

Within the last few months we’ve received a lot of inquiries concerning the synchronization feature in TeamLab Calendar – the majority of TeamLab users have been looking forward to it, and finally a week ago this option was added to the SaaS version! In today’s post I’ll describe how you can use it.

Thanks to the synchronization feature you can:

  • export your TeamLab calendar into some other calendar you use,
  • import some other calendar into TeamLab Calendar,
  • add the iCal feed link of a third-party calendar to TeamLab Calendar (i.e. view a read-only version of a third-party calendar within TeamLab Calendar).

Exporting TeamLab Calendar

You can export all events from a calendar created in TeamLab Calendar proceeding through these simple steps:

1. Direct your mouse cursor to the calendar you want to export. Directly after that the icon will appear. Click it to open the ‘Edit Calendar’ window.
2. In the ‘Import/Export’ section, click the ‘Export events from TeamLab Calendar’ link.
3. In the next pop-up window, you will see the link leading to a .ics file that contains all data about the events from your calendar. After clicking it, you can save this file onto the hard disk drive of your computer.
Note: you can integrate TeamLab Calendar into any other calendar that supports the iCal format. iCal represents a common file format which allows Internet users to share meeting requests and tasks (stored in files with the .ics extension) with other users.
4. Export the file created in the previous step into the calendar you need.

After you proceeded through steps 1-4 listed above, follow the next ones:

For Google Calendar
5. Enter your Google Calendar.
6. Open the drop-down list next to the ‘Other Calendars’ section.
7. Select the ‘Import Calendar’ option.
8. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and find the file that contains your events, then click the ‘Open’ button.
9. Select one of the calendars within Google Calendar where you’d like to import events, then click the ‘Import’ button.

For Apple iCal Calendar
5. In Apple iCal, choose ‘File’ > ‘Import’.
6. Locate the calendar (.ics file) you want to import.
7. Select the calendar you want to add the events to.
You can also drag a .ics file from your desktop to Apple iCal.

For Yahoo! Calendar
5. Enter your Yahoo! Calendar.
6. Open the drop-down list next to the needed calendar and select the ‘Import’ option.
7. In the appeared window, select the necessary ICS file from your computer and the calendar you want to import events to.
8. Click ‘Save’.

The events from the selected TeamLab calendar will be migrated into Google, Apple iCal, or Yahoo! Calendar.

Importing a Calendar into TeamLab Calendar

If you want to transfer events from a specific calendar into TeamLab Calendar, follow the instructions below:

For Google Calendar
1. Enter your Google Calendar.
2. Find the needed calendar in the ‘My Calendars’ section, open the drop-down list next to it and select the ‘Calendar Settings’ option.
3. In the ‘Private Address’ section, click the icon and follow the link displayed.
Note: if your calendar is publicly shared, you'll need to click the 'iCal' icon within the 'Calendar Address' section.
4. Save the exported file to the desired folder on your computer.
Note: to export content from all calendars in your 'My calendars' list, click here.

For Apple iCal Calendar
1. In Apple iCal, select the calendar from the list of calendars in the iCal window.
2. Select ‘File’ > ‘Export’.
3. Name the calendar, then save it.

For Yahoo! Calendar
1. Enter your Yahoo! Calendar.
2. Open the drop-down list next to the needed calendar and select the ‘Export’ option.
3. Click the ‘Save’ button in the appeared window and save the .ics file onto your computer HDD.

After you proceeded through the steps listed above for one of the calendars, follow the next ones:

1. Direct your mouse cursor to a calendar within the ‘My Calendars’ section. Directly after that the icon will appear. Click it to open the ‘Edit Calendar’ window.
Note: you can import events from third-party calendars into calendars from the 'My Calendars' section only.
2. In the ‘Import/Export’ section, click the ‘Import events from Google calendar’ link.
3. Select the exported file stored on your computer HDD and click ‘Open’.
4. Press the ‘Save’ button.

The events from the necessary calendar will be imported into TeamLab Calendar.

Adding an iCal Feed Link to TeamLab Calendar

As you surely know, there is a difference between the import/export option and adding iCal feed link. After exporting or importing events from calendars, you can edit them as you need and the changes will be applied to the exported/imported events only (not to the original events), while after adding a feed link into a calendar, you will be able to view the events only – to edit an event, you will need to make changes in the original calendar, and they will become visible in TeamLab Calendar.

To add a third-party calendar feed link to TeamLab Calendar, enter it on your portal, click the ‘Add’ link and select the ‘New iCal feed’ option. In the opened window, enter the iCal feed link into the appropriate field and click ‘Save’.

You can get the iCal feed link of the needed calendar in the following way:

  • Google Calendar – click the icon in the ‘Private Address’ section of calendar settings (if your calendar is publicly shared, you’ll need to click the same icon within the ‘Calendar Address’ section) and copy the link displayed.
  • Yahoo! Calendar – open the drop-down list next to the needed calendar, select ‘Edit Calendar’, switch to the ‘iCalendar and Web Address’ tab and copy the link displayed.
  • Apple iCal Calendar – choose ‘Publish’ from the ‘Calendar’ menu. In the resulting dialog, type a name for your calendar in the top field, choose to publish it on your own server from the “Publish on” pop-up menu, select any of the other options you want, and then click ‘Publish’. When iCal finishes publishing, a dialog opens and displays the URL for your calendar.

That’s all for this topic. Now you know how to import/export events from third-party calendars and add their read-only versions into TeamLab Calendar.

If you still have questions and need assistance, please visit our Help Center or write a message to our Support Team. In case you have a great idea concerning TeamLab improvement or just want to express your opinion, you can leave your feedback that will surely be checked out and taken into consideration.


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  • When trying to use the Export link of TeamLab to my Outlook 2010 it will not work due to TeamLab not having a timezone settings for daylight savings.
    Is there anything i can do to get these calendar synchronizations working?

  • Hi,
    I've managed to create a new calendar in TeamLab Office from an iCal feed (from the iCloud), and this seems to work well except the times of the events are all wrong. The TeamLab Calendar is set to Pacific, as is the iCal calendar. Any idea why this is happening? It seems that the time TeamLab assigns to the imported event is 8 hours off.

    • Hello Johanna! Thank you for reaching out.
      Our technical support is working on your ticket right now and as soon as they have any information on how to fix the problem, they will contact you right away.

      • I'm experiencing the same problem. The ICS feed (subscribed on my mac and my iphone) is 2 hours late than the OnlyOffice calendar. There must be a problem with time zones as I am in GMT+2 timezone. Checked all devices timezones and they are all fine. My other caldav calendars don't have this type of problem.

        • Hello Onul,

          To help you we need some more information about the problem:
          - devices you use,
          - operating system,
          - ONLYOFFICE version you use,
          - time zone of your ONLYOFFICE portal and your devices,
          - exemple of the ics file that is not working correctly.
          This will allow us to test and fix this problem.

  • You said:
    "After you create a new event or edit an already existing one in TeamLab Calendar, the changes will need some time to be displayed within your Google Calendar.
    I have already reported this problem to our developers and they’ll sort it out."

    Do you have any news about this?


    • Hello Miguel,
      This problem has not been solved, as it doesn't depend on us. We checked out and found that Google doesn't synchronize changes at once.

    • Berthier,
      The iCal feed import/export will be added into the next server version that will be easier to install and have less system requirements. Our developers are working at it now to release this version in the nearest future.
      PS: I’m sorry for misleading you and Darren!

        • Hello Darren,
          This feature is available in the latest TeamLab open source version (v.6.0) that you can download from SorceForge (you need the TeamLabServer.exe file).

          • Are you sure?

            I have tried installing the latest .exe twice and the feeds import/export are nowhere to be found.

            Do I need to turn it on somewhere?

          • Hello Darren,
            I'm sorry for misleading you! We checked the installation and it turned out that this feature wasn't included into this version. The iCal feed import/export will be added into the next server version that will be easier to install and have less system requirements. Our developers are working at it now to release this version in the nearest future.

  • Hello. Could you let us know how often the ical feed is updated? What I mean is, I have exported the ical feed from Teamlab into Google, and I want to know how long it takes for new events to appear in Google.

    Also, can you comment on whether you are developing two way synchronisation at any time in the future? Some other products have developed a "plugin" for synchronisation to outlook.

    • Hello Grant,
      It always takes some time for your TeamLab events to appear in your Google Calendar via iCal feed link, but you can be sure that they become visible next day after you added them to TeamLab Calendar. By the way, this problem doesn't concern Apple iCal Calendar.

      • Hi Elena. There seems to be some confusion here. Below is the response I received from your support team, about the same question:

        "Within the current version of TeamLab it is possible only to export events from TeamLab calendar. It means that after you export events to the third-party calendar only exported events will be displayed in your calendar. In case there are new events within TeamLab calendar they will not be seen in your calendar. You need to export these new events from TeamLab calendar again.

        Kind regards,

        TeamLab Support Team"

        • Grant,
          You can add an iCal feed link of your TeamLab Calendar to your Google Calendar. To do that, please follow these steps:
          1. Enter your TeamLab portal and click the 'Calendar' link at the very top.
          2. Select the needed calendar from the list on the left side, direct your cursor to it and click the appeared "pencil" icon.
          3. In the opened window, click the 'Export events from TeamLab calendar' link.
          4. After that a window will open where you can copy the iCal feed link.
          5. Enter your Google Calendar.
          6. Open the 'Other Calendars' dropdown list and select the 'Add by URL' option.
          7. Enter the copied iCal feed link into the 'URL' field of the opened window.
          8. Click the 'Add Calendar' button.
          After that your TeamLab calendar will appear in the calendars list within your Google Calendar.
          After you create a new event or edit an already existing one in TeamLab Calendar, the changes will need some time to be displayed within your Google Calendar.
          I have already reported this problem to our developers and they'll sort it out.

    • Dear Grant,
      unfortunately, you can sync only static events between TeamLab and Google calendars now. We're thinking over the more advanced synchronization with third-party calendars. Our priorities for the near future are the improvements of Projects and Documents sections though.

  • Just for clarification purposes: I have my iCloud calendar on my iPhone. There is no way to get a feed of my appointments into TEAMLAB. Correct?

  • Hello everyone!
    Is it only me, who has troubles importing TeamLab Calendar with russian event names to Google calendar, where russian letters transform into fancy squares and diamonds.

    • Hello Andrew,
      At first please make sure that Russian is selected in the settings of your Google Calendar.
      Unfortunately, you didn't mention how you tried to export a TeamLab calendar...using a feed link or .ics file. If you saved the events from your calendar into a .ics file, you might have changed the encoding type. The standard type is UTF-8. Please try to export a TeamLab calendar once again without changing anything just following the instructions given in the post. Good luck!

    • Mikhail,
      Thank you very much for your attention and interest to our 'Help Center'! I corrected the link :)

  • Elena

    Are you planning on introducing a way to syncronise or live link the team lab calenders to icloud or google or outlook. Exporting is only of limited use as it has to be done manually (dailY?)



    • Hello Alan,

      If you export a calendar from TeamLab Calendar into a third-party calendar, you don't need to do that daily. You can export events from your TeamLab Calendar once and you will be able to edit them or create new ones within another calendar, be it Google or Outlook Calendar. As for exporting TeamLab Calendar into an iCloud calendar, you will obviously need to import events as .ics file into your Apple iCal calendar stored on your computer or device at first or add a TeamLab calendar link and then synchronize it with iCloud.

      I suppose, the operation you call "live link" is "adding an iCal feed link" using our terms. You can find the needed calendar in TeamLab Calendar, click the 'Edit' icon and then the 'Export events from TeamLab Calendar' link, after that you'll see the link you can use to view the events from TeamLab Calendar within a third-party calendar.

      The functions TeamLab offers are not the synchronization per se, but rather support for the iCal format. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no plans concerning the synchronization per se that implies establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage and vice versa and the continuous harmonization of the data over time.

      • Hi Elena,

        You said "You can export events from your TeamLab Calendar once and you will be able to edit them or create new ones within another calendar, be it Google or Outlook Calendar."

        Just for clarification - does that mean I can manage events from my Google Calendar, which will update the TeamLab calendar?


        • Steve, if you export events from a calendar at TeamLab using an iCal file and transfer them into a third-party calendar, you'll be able to edit or delete the exported events within this third-party calendar, but your changes won't affect the events in TeamLab Calendar. In case you add the iCal feed link of a third-party calendar into TeamLab Calendar, the changes made in your third-party calendar will also be available in TeamLab Calendar. And vice versa - if you add the iCal feed link of a TeamLab calendar into a third-party calendar and update it on your portal, the changes will be automatically applied to your third-party calendar. I must admit, it sounds a bit confusing, but I still hope it helps.

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