Salam! Do You Speak Azeri?

23 March 2012 By Elena 0 121

Azerbaijan-Flag-MapFor those TeamLab users who do there is some great news – Azeri (Latin script) is included into the list of portal languages!

It became possible thanks to our contributor who spared no effort to translate TeamLab to this beautiful language. His name is Ilkin Huseynov, he represents the Prosper company.

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to him and wish good luck in his future endeavors!

To switch your whole portal to Azeri for all its users (in case you possess administrator rights), please follow these simple steps:

1. Enter your TeamLab portal using your login details.
2. Click the icon in the right upper corner to open the ‘Settings’ section.
3. Open the ‘Language’ drop-down menu and select Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan) from the list of available languages.
4. Click the ‘Save’ button situated within the ‘Language and Time Zone Settings’ section.

To change the current portal language to Azeri for your account only, please proceed through the steps below:

1. Enter your TeamLab portal using your login details.
2. Click the link with your name at the very top and select the ‘Profile’ option from the list.
3. Change the language of your portal account selecting Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan) from the ‘Language’ drop-down menu.

That’s all for today! If you need your portal in a certain language and would like to contribute to translation, please read this guide on how to become a TeamLab translator or write to us at

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