Breaking Language Barriers, or Portal for TeamLab Translators

13 January 2012 By Elena 0 122

Translators portal logoAs you already know, at the moment TeamLab is completely available in eight languages – English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese – and partially in Greek, Polish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Czech. The following languages are on the way: Ukrainian, Georgian, Slovak, Portuguese, Azerbaijani, Korean, Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Romanian, Dutch, Croatian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Finish, Thai.

All that has become possible thanks to our contributors who spare neither strength nor time in translating TeamLab using our Online Translation System specially developed for them. But this system isn’t the only aid we offer to our translators – in December 2011 a portal for TeamLab contributors saw the light.

The portal was created to gather people who are interested in some new languages and are willing to help translate TeamLab or improve the already existing translations into a community. All our current contributors (now they are 56) were invited to join the translators portal and didn’t fail to do so. Being a portal user, they can keep abreast of things which are going to happen – new or changed keys, next releases, – ask questions or report potential bugs in our TeamLab Online Translation System or TeamLab portals, discuss translation errors, inaccuracies, word or phase meanings, share important information with other translators, upload their photos and lead small talk with like-minded people.

For us the portal represents a place where it’s possible to hold a direct connection to TeamLab translators as language professionals as well as common users and get feedback and assistance which we truly appreciate so much.

Our translators portal is not a closed one – newcomers are any time welcome! If you also wish to contribute in TeamLab translation and also join our portal, you are free to write to us at

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