Event Types in TeamLab Calendar

TeamLab Calendar represents a convenient tool for planning your working day, week, month or even year. Here you can create, edit, share various events. The following unusual types can be singled out from the mass of calendar events:

  • all-day events,
  • recurring events,
  • shared events.

In this post I’ll describe these event types at length.

All-day Events

An all-day event is an event that lasts the entire day or longer, e.g. two or three days. To create an all-day event, you just need to check a special box and select the needed dates. The detailed instructions are:

1. Click the ‘Calendar’ link in the middle of the start page or at the very top.
2. Open the needed calendar.
3. Click the ‘Add Event’ link next to the current date.
4. Fill in the form introduced within the opened ‘Add New Event’ window:

  • enter the event title,
  • check the ‘All-day event’ box,
  • select the event dates using the ‘From’ and ‘To’ calendars,
  • set the reminder time in the ‘Alert’ drop-down box,
  • add a description for the new event if needed.

5. Click the ‘Save’ button.

The newly created event will be displayed within the selected calendar for the days you set.

It might happen that some of the data concerning an event has changed and you need to edit it. For this purpose find the necessary event in the calendar, click it and press the ‘Edit’ button in the opened window. Another window will pop up letting you make changes in the current event. To delete an all-day event from the calendar, click it and press the ‘Delete’ button in the appeared window.

Note: your colleagues' birthdays also belong to all-day events, but they can't be edited or deleted. The only thing you can do is to make them invisible clicking the icon. You can also delete 'Users' Birthdays' from the calendars list at all clicking the icon and unchecking the 'Users' Birthdays' box within the 'Manage Other Calendars' window.

Recurring Events

A recurring event is an event that repeats on a regular basis: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. To create such an event, you should access the ‘Create New Event’ window the same way as described above for all-day events and open the ‘Repeat’ drop-down list selecting the recurrence period: every day, every week, every month, every year.

To edit or delete a recurring event proceed through the same steps mentioned above.

Shared Events

If you plan a corporate meeting or seminar, the easiest way to inform all the participants about an upcoming event is to add an event to your calendar and share it with all the participants. To share any existing event with your colleagues, follow the easy steps below:

1. Find the respective event in the calendar and click it.
2. Press the ‘Edit’ button in the opened window.
3. Click the ‘Add users for sharing’ link.
4. In the ‘Sharing Settings’ pop-up window, click the ‘Add users’ link if you’d like to share your event with a person or several colleagues or the ‘Add group’ link if you want your event to be available for every portal user, administrators, several departments or a single one.
5. The added users or groups will be displayed within the same window where you can set the access level for each of them – the ‘Read Only’ option is selected by default, you can change it to ‘Full Access’ choosing this option from the list.*
* 'Read Only' means that the event can only be viewed, 'Full Access' means that the event can also be edited.
6. Click the ‘Save’ button.

After that all the portal users you shared your event with will be informed about that per email or TeamLab Talk depending on the notification type selected by them on the ‘Subscriptions’ page. If you set an event reminder in the ‘Alert’ drop-down list, the colleagues you added for sharing will also be reminded of this event a certain time before it takes place.

That’s all for this topic so far. If you have questions and need assistance, please visit our Help Center or write an email to our Support Team. In case you have a great idea concerning TeamLab improvement or just want to express your opinion, you can leave your feedback that will surely be checked out and taken into consideration.


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  • I'm a bit stuck with the calendar and I've been searching for an answer.

    I'm a project manager and I want to see the calendar of all the work I've appropriated to my team but I can only see the work that is associated to me.

    Do I have to be assigned to each task even though I'm not actually doing the work for the tasks to appear in the calendar I see?

    • Hello Ruth,
      In the current version, all milestones are visible to all project participants, tasks are visible to those project team members who are responsible for them, tasks with several responsible persons are visible to each of them.
      If you want TeamLab Calendar to be improved, please add your valuable suggestions to our special feedback page where other users could vote for them. If your ideas get popular, we'll implement them in one of the next releases.

  • Dear TeamLab Team,

    I seem to not understand how to select a specific calendar to change the events. On my calendar view screen I have two sections: "My Calendars" and "Other Calendars". All my projects are under "Other Calendars" and I cannot select them to add a new event.

    The other way around if I am adding a new event direcly on the monthly view I can only select "My Calendar" but none of the project calendars, so I have no possibility to add an event directly to any of my projects.

    What am I doing wrong? Or is it just not possible to add an event directly to a project from the calendar view?

    • Hello Nina,
      It's possible to add new events to calendars from the 'My Calendars' section only. As for project calendars, the events from the respective projects can only be viewed, so you can't edit them or add new events to such calendars.
      But you can always add your idea on our feedback page where other TeamLab users can vote for it and it will surely be taken into consideration.

  • Thanks for your answer. I'm looking forward to this new functionality!

    By the way, we don't say in French "Evénement permanent" for "All-day event". Gmail's translation to "Toute la journée" is more accurate. Is there a way to help your team to improve the French translation?



  • Hello,

    I like the calendar and the events. But is there any chance to have the ability to sync this calendar with others, such as Google Calendar?

    Thanks for your work!


    • Hello Eric,
      Thank you for your feedback! We're very pleased to read it. As for your question, we plan to include such a feature in the nearest future for TeamLab users to be able to synchronize TeamLab Calendar with other calendars.

  • This is actually very neat. I love the event options and the color-coding scheme. Seriously, this calendar is the bomb. Now it's possible to merge personal and work calendars without getting very confused in the end.

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