TeamLab CRM: More Opportunities for Efficient Business

Dear all!

Today we’re taking a further step to give you more opportunities for efficient business management and make TeamLab a full-featured universal web office. We’re introducing CRM module!

The module is organized in 4 sections integrated between each other:

Contacts. Here you can keep all the contacts a company works with organized in one place. To transfer your current contacts list to TeamLab, you have two options to choose from: either to import the existing contacts in the CSV format or to enter each one manually. Concerning the second – manual – method, there’s a default form at your disposal that contains the usual fields such as name, email, website, photo, phone number, etc. You can also add your personal description on every person or a firm and use a slider that shows the contacts type: blue as cold, yellow as warm and red as hot.

Tasks. The main distinction of this option from the tasks in the “Projects” module is its communication orientation. The TeamLab standard task field is enhanced with the “task category” that includes such types as “phone call”, “demo”, “fax” and others. Having set the categories for your tasks, you’ll see the associated images getting a full overview of coming duties at a glance.

Opportunities. This section allows you to organize and analyze communication process with every single client in particular. Here you can determine the stage of customer relations, its success probability, budget and estimated deal due date. Besides, you get an ability to track communication history, set tasks and add participants ultimately allocating your time and energy. As the document work flow is an indispensable part of any deal, we’ve added the “files” subsection where you can upload, create and store documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

Cases. Aimed at simplifying events organization, the “cases” functionality includes clients’ relations history, tasks, participants and files. In other words, a simple toolset to arrange seminars, meetings,etc. with a group of multiple clients.

Concerning the sections integration with each other, there are several options available. Every contact can be associated with a particular opportunity or a case, tasks can be assigned to a contact or a company via the “link to” feature. You’re also able to sort the information giving tags to contacts, opportunities and cases.

Surely, we couldn’t forget access rights management necessity: for every contact, opportunity or case, you get an ability to restrict the access up to several users.

Keeping in mind that every company has its own focus, we’ve added customization settings where you can do the following changes: 1. add your special user fields with extra information about the client, opportunity or case. 2. adjust to your corporate needs opportunity stages and contact types 3. edit tasks categories.

We’ll be glad to receive your comments and suggestions here or at our special forum.

Thanks for your attention!


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  • Great...
    I was looking for this one. Please guide me how can I integrate this module with my current version of Teamlab which is 5.2.

    • Abrar , CRM is available in SaaS only. You may be interested to know that we're thinking to add a paid package edition for Windows Servers next year that will include CRM and other recent updates.

      • if you do it (and please, do it) count me in for the paid standalone module.

        i totally agree you must earn something also from the standalone version, and i'm sure your pricing will be reasonbale.

        but if you don't want to keep the standalone version up to date please state it clearly and everybody will do his own thinking about it (i will probably change software, but maybe someone is good with it)

        best regards

        • Marco, we will announce our plans for the standalone version soon. We can ensure you that it'll be available (with all the features SaaS provides) next year as we're already working on it.

    • Greg, we haven't thought about adding this option so far. From what system do you want to import Opportunities? Btw, you can add your suggestion in our special feedback form - so that ever user can vote for the idea. If it gains a big number of votes, we'll implement it sooner.

  • Great job, guys! CRMs go very well with lead management software. It ensures business owners they can properly take care of their existing customers. After all, it's less costly and much easier to keep old ones than find acquisitions.

  • Hi, I'm really glad to see you've introduced the CRM modules as I was waiting for that. I wanted to find out if it's possible to save email exchanges with clients or if you'll be introducing that feature as I can't seem to see that option yet.

    thanks in advance!

  • Can you please confirm if the CRM and Calendar features are included in the open source version or is this just for SaaS and Amazon versions?

    It may be useful if you could include a "compare products" table for all versions going forward.

    I look forward to your reply

    • Simon, currently, calendar and CRM are available only in SaaS solution. These features will be included in paid AMI version next year. Concerning TeamLab Open Source, it won't be updated with the mentioned options this year. But in 2012 we'll introduce TeamLab paid package edition for Windows that'll contain all the functions SaaS has.
      We'll publish a post about the changes in TeamLab solutions this week so that you could get more detailed information on the subject. Thanks for your tip on infographics, we'll definitely use it :)

  • Epic!

    We used to do a separate project to manage these kind of things, but now with this new CRM module everything is a lot more easier. Thank you TeamLab team ! :D

    • It's great to hear you find CRM convenient for your work. You may be glad to know that we plan to add sms notifications and mailing features in the future.

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