Schedule and track your activities using TeamLab Calendar

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, TeamLab users suggestions and requests are our great concern and main navigator. Recently one of the most consistent and popular demands has been a built-in calendar. We couldn’t ignore this point and today introduce – yes, you’re right – TeamLab Calendar.

To be precise, the new option includes several calendars:

  • the default calendar: shows milestones of projects you participate in or follow, your personal tasks, colleagues birthdays and corporate events.
  • your personal calendars: via the “add” button you can create an individual schedule for yourself or a particular team separating company’s, groups’ and personal activities.
  • shared with you calendars: here you can view or edit schedules shared with you. Every team member can share personal calendars with co-workers giving “full access” or “read-only” rights to a particular person.

The data in the calendar can be displayed in a standard “calendar” or “list” view mode showing the schedule for a day, week, month or the period you have determined. You can optimize the number of events and tasks shown on the time line switching off the info you don’t need to see right now – just click the “eye”on the left side bar.

TeamLab Calendar provides the notification feature that lets you remember what’s due and when’s due and this way get things done on time. You can receive reminders to your email and jabber client choosing time to be alarmed: 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2, a day prior to the particular event. An extremely useful option when having regular recurring tasks. For your convenience you’re also able to adjust notifications settings for your personal and “shared with you” calendars in the “management” section.

With the calendar at your disposal, now you can keep track of all the to-do’s on your agenda in a simple and habitual way. Try it yourself and leave your comments here, or in our feedback form

TeamLab Calendar Release: Get a Panoramic Picture of Multitask Activities

See you!


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  • Hi,

    We met at CEBIT with you, guys. I am checking out now TeamLab. There are three questions:

    1. Is there an option of synching with Google Calendar already implemented?

    2. I can't see email integration. Is is there?

    3. Am I able to integrate Mailchimp for mass mailing with Teamlab?


  • Hi Olga - we love making use of Teamlab - keep up the good work. The Teamlab Calender is great - thanx for this extra functionality. I would just like to give my support for adding the Google Sync extension. We make use of Thunderbird and the synching to Google Calender - which works well, but now I can't see the events added on Teamlab Calender - we would appreciate it.

  • I am very much supporting the idea of syncing with Google Calendar, because most likely many people are using it alreaday.

    Additionally, maybe you could also look into syncing with existing sync services like Memotoo. I am using this myself to sync my Blackberry, two Google accounts, Thunderbird, Facebook, LinkedIn... probably I even missed some in my list.

    By teamlab syncing with Memotoo, it were instantly available to all other services I am using. Just a thought.

    On another note: Thank you for the great service you are offering with TeamLab, you guys are doing a great job.

  • This is actually a very clever idea. I do appreciate the fact I can now create my own personal calendar, apart from a professional one, without shifting between a number of applications. And I am definitely looking forward to Google Calendar syncing. Hopefully, it's going to work on mobile too.

    • We're glad you appreciate our idea of separate calendars. And yes, we plan to add both Google calendar syncing and mobile access in the future.

  • Well. So the open source parts are being dropped for all intensive purposes. That's highly disappointing. Honestly, this calendar is worthless if you can't sync it with something else. Just about any office already has a calendar system in place -- now users need to check their calendars in two places. ActiveSync, SyncML, ical, whatever -- but it has to talk to something to be useful.

    • Cameron, please note that we do not drop the open source solution. Our human and time resources are just limited and we set priorities in our development. We plan to upgrade TeamLab Open Source but later. Concerning the calendar synchronization, we will add it for sure in the future versions.

  • For calendars to really be useful, they must be interoperable with Internet standards, sharable with Google Calendar, iCal exports, etc.

    We can't afford to have data trapped in TeamLab, it must be freely movable. Is that in the plan?

  • I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had released the Calendar recently. Good job! Now I have a question: When I share my calendar with others are they supposed to be able to see all the events I put up there automatically? Or do I have to also share on a per event basis?

  • We love TeamLab, we just started using it coming from ToDoYu. Calendar feature is awesome. Great work!

    Is the eMail feature going to be available soon? I noticed above that the CRM will be available soon. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • We're glad you like TeamLab and new features. As for the coming updates, the first one is CRM, you're right. We'll introduce it in a couple of weeks. The Email module will be added next year.

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