TeamLab User, Your data is in safe hands

Dear TeamLab users!

One tiny still very important update for you: today we’ve switched all the portals to HTTPS protocol. What does it mean? Your personal data such as login, password and the whole portal content (Blogs, Forums, Projects, etc.) have gained a safer protection.

Let me explain the principle change for you to understand and estimate the difference if you’re not a tech savvy. HTTPS is a protocol of data transmission in World Wide Web. It uses the ordinary HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) but ensures data digital protection with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The mentioned SSL encryptes every session and establishes a secure connection between you and TeamLab. This encryption makes it impossible for any third party to interfere into the session and get any private information.

This way you can be sure that all your data is inaccessible for anyone and protected against Internet frauds.


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  • Next week we're going to update the source codes that will include calendar and CRM. Besides, there'll be an installation file available. After re-installation the problems you've described are not likely to appear.

  • Dear Olga,

    Thank you so much ! would you mary me ? :)

    Just for let you know, the video from the first link you gave me should be updated : the backup utility is now at teamlab/redistributable/asc

    kind regards

  • Hey there,

    thank you so much for this wonderful teamlab !

    One question : after trying the online solution, I just installed the opensource code, it run just fine, but I can't find how to import all the data I've already collected online...

    I found the backup tool under "parameters", but no "import tool" on the opensource code...

    Any idea ?


  • Hello, Grant!
    We are very glad you like Teamlab service :)
    Currently we are not planning to enforce passwords, as you have already mentioned, HTTPS provides sufficient protection for our users' information.
    But thank you for the suggestions - we will definitely take them into account for future enhancements.

  • Hello! Teamlab looks fantastic and with the new release , Access Rights Management, online document editing, HTTPS; I am amazed by all the functionality. I am definitely going to recommend that our company starts using it.

    I just wanted to ask if you are planning a feature to enforce strong passwords. As this is on the internet, it might be easy to hack if our users are not using strong passwords, and there could be sensitive information stored here.

    Maybe you could just have a simple checkbox and if the administrator checks this then all users need to have minimum length passwords with a combination of letters and numbers etc.

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