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Hello to all TeamLab Users and our Blog Guests!

I’m Anthony Smirnov, Head of Product Development. Today I pass on the series of our open house session that my colleagues started several days ago. In the recent TeamLab release access rights management and pricing plan announcement have received most of your attention. Still there is a number of other new features that you’ve been waiting for and that I’ll cover shortly in this post.

The “Documents” functionality has been enriched. The updates list includes:

  • Documents version control. Any file is automatically saved in a new version after every editing while older versions stay available as well. A special button next to the document name shows the version number and in a click leads to all previous doc versions that can be restored or downloaded.

  • Documents preview. You can view, download and print documents, spreadsheets and presentations right in the web. Portal and premium administrators also have an ability to share docs with colleagues and restrict team members access rights selecting one of three modes: full access, deny access, read only.
  • Images preview. It enables you to view full-sized images as a slide show, rotate, zoom in/out, print and download them or add to favorites section.
  • File links. This easy and convenient way to share files is now available in “Shared documents” section. Just push the button near the necessary doc, click “get link” and “copy”.

Customization is another long expected option that was realized in two ways:

  • Skin customization. There are 8 color schemes at your disposal.
  • Section names customization. You can choose from two team templates given by disposal or name every section on your own.

To change your portal looks, go to “Settings” and then “Customization”.

Hope you’ll find these features useful. Please leave your comments and wishes on the current functionality and our department will consider it with great pleasure and attention.
Have a good working day!


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  • TeamLab mejora con el tiempo,
    como las cosas buenas que conservo.
    En TeamLab escribo palabras,
    en TeamLab las miro y las leo,
    en TeamLab las guardo para enseñarlas,
    en TeamLab las cambio.
    TeamLab cada vez me gusta más.
    Anthony, de TeamLab, gracias.

    • Lisardo,
      A usted le damos gracias
      Prometimos muchos cambios
      Solo para mejorar más y más
      Y le dar muchisimo placer y aun más

  • Anyone happen to know Adobe Air over there? it could provide a very effective and simple desktop app for you. with drag and drop documents uploading from the desktop.

    also, what about using in-house nameservers to redirect domains to the SaaS? thus getting the fuction of right from your hosted servers.

    I should take a gander at the feature requests page.

    • Luis, sorry for the late reply! As soon as TeamLab API's ready, Adobe Air can be used. As for the using in-house nameservers - you're able to do whatever you like.
      Next time you'd like to suggest any feature, you can leave your feedback here.

  • Hi, im using Teamlab , i want to know when this features will be avaible to download(u already answer thsi 15 days ago but maybe u know now when its going to be avaivable for download). Thank you

    • Pablo, we're sorry - open source code still does not include the listed options. Recently, we've been working mostly on SaaS improvements: tomorrow we're releasing its new version with documents web editing and other essential updates. We do not forget your request and our promise though. As soon as the release's done, we'll pass on to open source updates. Please accept our excuses once again!

    • if its not already available (its now the beginning of july) im sure it should be out very soon.

  • Still missing the "new file" option in the documents section [mac]. looking forward to it!

  • Great tool, I had been using TeamLab for a week now and I´m impressed by it´s functionality, the only thing that I missed is a Gantt Chart ... if you guys could integrate one That would make Team Lab nearly perfect. Cheers!

  • As a Green Lover I wish a Green Theme ! lol ! But what is in the name ! Cheers and best wishes fm India! Namaste !

  • It's nice and I applaud the enormous contribution you make to really small businesses who cannot afford services, such as Zoho. I say keeping it free is the number one factor of its success. The new pricing model will definitively change/impact everything. After all, the best and most successful services still remain free-Google to mention one...



    • Colin, all the previously launched features will stay free in the future. So everyone who has already created a portal on TeamLab can keep on using it just as before.

  • Started using TeamLab today and I love it! I prefer it to basecamp already. Keep going guys, you have an amazing product that will be highly successful!

  • it would be interesting to see you guys work with dropbox. Then I could have a folder in my dropbox account that I can load files from automatically. Gives me local storage of all documents and easy access to upload.

    great job guys! keep up the awesome job and can't wait for an android/iphone app.

  • Hi, im using Teamlab , i want to know when this features will be avaible to download. Thank you

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