How to import contacts from various sources to TeamLab?

It always takes lots of time and effort to add contacts manually. But TeamLab offers you a possibility to do that in no time at all thanks to the import function. It lets you add contacts from your account at Yahoo, Google, Windows Live, from a CSV file or the address book of the email client you use.

To do that, click the Add Employees link at the top on the main page of your portal. Then hit the Start Importing button in the appeared window and select a tab depending on the needed source: from web or from file.

Importing contacts from web

1. On the From Web tab, select the source you want to export contacts from: Google, Yahoo or Windows Live. After that the authorization page of the appropriate website will open to let you log in to your account.
2. In the opened window, hit the Grant Access button and you will see a list with your contacts that will be imported to your TeamLab portal.

Watch our video on how to import contacts from Yahoo, Google or Windows Live.

Importing contacts from a CSV file

CSV (comma-separated values) is a set of file formats used to store tabular data, in which numbers and text are stored in a plain textual form. Lines in the text file represent rows of a table, and commas in a line represent fields in the table row.

If you have a spreadsheet file (e.g. XLS created by Microsoft Excel) where all your contacts’ data is stored, you can also use it as a source. Just open and save it as a .csv file.

If you don’t have such a file, you can create it using any spreadsheet program. Open it and follow these steps:

1. In the first three fields of the first row enter the headers of the table strictly in the following order: Email, Name, LastName, etc.
2. In the columns below the headers enter the corresponding information.
3. Once you’ve entered all the contacts into the table, save the document and select CSV (Comma Separated Values) (*.csv) as the type of file you would like to save.
4. In the opened window, check the users’ data, uncheck those you do not want to import and click Import.

Then switch to the From File tab and select the CSV Text option. Next browse for the file containing your contacts and hit the Get button.

Watch our video on how to import contacts from a CSV file.

Importing contacts from the address book of your email client

The procedure is pretty much the same for the majority of email clients. Here are the instructions for Vista’s Windows Mail:

1. Open Microsoft Mail and follow File >> Export >> Windows contacts.
2. In the opened window, select the CSV option and click Export.
3. Select a location for the exported file and click Next.
4. Make sure that the First Name, Last Name and email fields are filled in and click Finish.

Once you’ve exported the file, you can start importing your contacts to TeamLab. To do that, click on the Add Employees link and the Start Importing button like described above. Next switch to the From File tab and select the MS Outlook CSV option.

Watch our video on how to import contacts from the address book of your email client.

That’s all! I hope you find this post helpful, thanks for reading!


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  • Hi. Could you send me an example of a csv file? Because i have tried a lot of combinations without success. I always recieve that message: "Error al importar: El archivo seleccionado para la importación tiene el formato incorrecto. Por favor, seleccione otro archivo y repite el proceso de importación una vez mas. "

    Thanks (I'm using open source version of teamlab in my intranet)

    Español: (Spanish)
    Hola. ¿Podrían enviarme un archivo csv de ejemplo? Porque he tratado muchas combinaciones sin éxito. Siempre recibo el mensaje: "Error al importar: El archivo seleccionado para la importación tiene el formato incorrecto. Por favor, seleccione otro archivo y repite el proceso de importación una vez mas. "

    Gracias (Estoy usando la versión libre de teamlab en mi intranet)

    • Hello Julio,
      Unfortunately it’s impossible to import tasks from a .csv file in the current version. But you can share your idea on a special page where all customers’ opinions are collected. To do that please follow the link: Here you can also vote for other users’ ideas and track their fulfillment. Your feedback will surely be considered!

  • Hello,

    Can you do this with the Open Source installation because I'm using TeamLab in our Intranet. I only have Invite Employees so I cannot see the Start Importing portion of this instruction.

    • Hello Noel,
      You are right, in the current open source version, the Import feature is deactivated. But in the next version (in approximately one month), we'll activate it to satisfy your needs and save you a lot of time. Thank you for your comment!

  • I am exporting from Mac Outlook 2011. The only option is Tab Delimited.txt file type. Not CSV.

    • Hello Adam!
      There is a solution for your problem, but you need to spend a little bit more time to export contacts from your address book. Please proceed through the following steps:
      1. Select the suggested option - Tab Delimited TXT - and your data will be saved as a .txt file.
      2. Right-click this file and select Open With >> Mac Excel.
      3. After that the Text Import Wizard will open. Select the Delimited option and click Next. At the next step select the Tab delimiter and click Next. Then hit the Ready button. The .txt file will be opened in Mac Excel.
      4. Follow File >> Save As. In the appeared window, select the CSV file type and click Save.
      5. Then a window will pop up suggesting that you select between Windows comma separated and MS-DOS comma separated CSV file type. We recommend that you select Windows comma separated CSV file type.
      If these steps don't solve your problem or you experience difficulties, please let us know.

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