How to monitor team activity and projects progress?

Being a convenient platform for collaboration inside a team and effective project management, TeamLab gives you a possibility to be in touch with the situation within the project you lead, you take part, or are simply interested in.

Depending on the role you play in a particular project, you initially get different amount of information, but with little effort you can access its full spectrum. So, you might be an administrator, a project manager, a project team member, or a co-worker who is interested in this project, because it’s associated with his own one and you need to be in the know or just out of pure curiosity.

TeamLab offers you the following tools to keep track of team activity and projects progress:

  • Email notifications

If you are an administrator or a curious co-worker:

You won’t receive any email notifications concerning existing projects unless you subscribe to them (i.e. follow a certain project). To do that open the ‘Projects’ module, select this project clicking its title in the list, and hit the ‘Follow this project’ link on the ‘Actions’ panel. After that you will receive notifications about created tasks, started project-related discussions, uploaded documents, in a word, about all newly created content*.

If you are a project manager or a project team member:

You needn’t do anything to receive notifications about created and closed tasks**, started project-related discussions, uploaded documents, etc. They will be sent to your email address automatically.

* Except comments
** As a project manager, you'll receive notifications about the tasks created by any team member of your project. Both project managers and project team members will receive notifications about the closed tasks they created.

Regardless of the role you play in your company, you can manage your notifications by changing their type from ‘Email’ to ‘Talk’ and vice versa or choosing both of them, view their full list, and unsubscribe from them. To do that click the [User Name] link at the top and select ‘Subscriptions’. Then open the ‘Projects’ section where you can view all your subscriptions within the ‘Projects’ module.

  • Reports

Every portal user can also follow the activity of existing project teams by generating reports. In this way you can get the particular data you need at the moment by adjusting filters. To generate a report, just open the ‘Projects’ module and click the ‘Reports’ tab. Then select a report type, use filters if needed, and hit the ‘Generate Report’ button. If you’d like to receive reports with this kind of information automatically by email in a certain period of time, you can check the ‘Save as template’ box, set available parameters, click the ‘Apply’ button and only then the ‘Generate Report’ button.

To conclude this post, I invite you to take advantage of all the available TeamLab functions and hope you find this information helpful. Thank you for reading and good luck! 🙂

P.S. Watch our video to learn how to monitor team activity and projects progress.


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  • I am trying to find anyway to get a *detailed* time activity report for a specified time period to oversee projects.

    For example, I'd like to get a report of all discussions, comments, etc. that have been added or acted upon once per week to review the progress made by the team on a weekly basis. I thought about trying to create a report using the JSON API, but that would be a lot of work for what should be a pretty straightforward query.

    Can you help?

    • Hello Joe,
      Unfortunately, there isn't such an option in project reports at present. I'd recommend that you describe your idea on our feedback page that contains all users' suggestions. If your idea finds support among other TeamLab users, it'll be planned for one of the next releases. I think, your suggestion has great chances! :)
      Meanwhile, you can use the 'History' tab. You can access it opening one of the projects, switching to the 'History' tab and setting the available filters. I understand, it's not that convenient, as you need to do that for every project you are interested in and it's very time-consuming to open each project and set the filter parameters you need.

  • Thanks for the answer. OK then I definitely think that one should be able to see all tasks of all projects we are responsible for without having to switch between each. I'll post a feedback.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi there,

    wonderful tool. Is there any way to see all tasks of all employees ? As a project manager, it would be very useful.

    • Hello Toto,
      Leading only one project, you can enter the 'Projects' module, select your project in the 'All Projects' drop-down list at the top and switch to the 'Tasks' tab. After that you will see all the tasks of all employees who participate in your project. In case you have several projects you are responsible for, you will have to switch to another project for this purpose. If you have further ideas, you can share them at

  • Is there a possibility of including some type of time summary in the "Task closed" email to the project manager? This would be very helpful to get an idea of expended time at a glance.

  • Whats the latest status for the ability to send new comments only to selected project members (per email or IM)? It is the key feature for our organization.

    • Hello Pavel,
      If I understand you correctly, you'd like to create a mailing list and send a comment to the selected portal members. You can do it using the Talk module. All the instructions you will find in this guide. As for the Email module, it will be added in the near future.

  • why can't i follow comments that are made on individual tasks? that would be so helpful!

    • Hello Jeff,
      In the current TeamLab version, only project managers and members of the project team can follow comments to certain tasks clicking the 'Subscribe to comments' link. If you are not included into the project team, there is no possibility to receive notifications on new comments. But we thank you for your suggestion! It will be taken into consideration in one of the next releases.

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