TeamLab new version enhancements

We have already covered the Documents module functionality, released in TeamLab new version 3.0. There is still a number of the other modules enhancements worth mentioning. So, what changes are introduced?

Project templates are available. A new project creation has become much easier- you have a preformatted document ready with all necessary components: milestones, discussions, tasks assigned to employees.

TeamLab Talk functionality is improved. New features include group messaging, multichat and message history.

Tasks section is enhanced. We have added tasks due dates, task reminder and “My tasks” page.

We hope the introduced changes will help you manage your projects in a more convenient and efficient way.


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  • Hi Olga,

    I have downloaded a source code version some time in Feb 2012 and using it, everything is working fine and now I want to upgrade it to latest version without losing any data from the existing version.

    1. Can you please let me know the process for the same?
    2. Also can you please let me know the process and procedure for how to take a back up of the existing version and how to restore the same?

    Appreciate your help.


  • Hi Olga,

    Recently I got to know about TeamLab and downloaded a version. Right now I am using it to make sure everything is working as per my requirement before introducing this in my team. Everything is working great and wonderful. But I am facing an issue with creating tasks, when i am trying to create a task in a project, when i click on create task or Add new task links in task tab nothing is happening. Actually Wizard to create a task should pop up but this is not working/showing up. Can u please help me in resolving this issue so that I can proceed and introduce this in my company.

    Appreciate your help.


    • Jagadish, what version do you use? Recently we've updated the source codes and in the new 6.0 version there's no problem with creating tasks, while the previous version included the described error.

      • Olga,
        Any update on when the subtasks may be available.

        Team lab is a great tool and liking the tools makes me want to add more to the wishlist :) . My next item on the wishlist, it would be great to have the option of adding tasks to a project from the calendar.


  • Subtasks would definitely be a major MAJOR improvement to your (already) exceptional platform. Since your're already working on it, pleaseeeee can you give us a rough estimate of when will it become available? Thank you very much

  • The lack of subtasks make teamlab an ALMOST perfect solution for our company...

    Without subtasks it is nearly impossible to manage a medium complexity project.

    Please, include subtasks!

  • Is there any Bug reporting functionality where I can add my testing team and they can upload there bugs related to listed projects.

  • Olga, really great service. We use it in Canada in our cross border business. Adding subcontractors from many countries and feel like family because of TeamLab.

    However there is one real buggy thing. All employees even content writers from another countries can track all projects of my company including financial and tax preparation. How can I make project content visible only for project team members? And also employees outside the project shouldn't have the ability to click on person's profile who is not in one project with them to see his activity in another project (though they may see his activity in community). Please advise.

    • Thanx a lot, Serge, we are glad that TeamLab is helpful for your work. As for your question, project access rights features including a possibility to have a closed project visible only to project members, will be included in TeamLab's new version that is coming in June.

  • Hi,
    we would like the ability to search across projects and community. Its hard to find information if you are using the community wiki and blogs for updates, and the project discussions. A Google type search across the entire offering would be the best thing you guys could add.
    thanks Rick

  • Антон, осталось ждать совсем чуть-чуть- на следующей неделе сделаем :)

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