TeamLab Documents: Manage documents workflow right on your company portal

Good news for TeamLab users- as promised in our previous posts, we have released the Documents module. This module lets you create, edit, store and share data with your colleagues right on the portal with no software installation needed. In other words, your TeamLab portal has turned into a fully-equipped workspace where you can manage business processes and documents workflow altogether, and thus, considerably save your time and efforts.
If you’re interested to know the way the Documents module works- take a look at this post,while we pass to the new features overview.


The TeamLab Documents interface is organized in a familiar, customizable folder structure. It includes 4 default elements:
“My documents”– your personal files that no one else can access.
“Shared documents”– corporate data intended for all team members. You can subscribe to notifications about documents changes clicking the “Follow” button. Then, every time a doc is updated or deleted, you’ll be informed about it by an e-mail message.
“Assigned to me”– direct links to the public documents that you’ve selected to follow or your co-workers have assigned you to.
“Trash”– removed documents that can be restored if necessary.

Inside the listed default folders you can set up your own folders and sub-folders, as many as you need.
It’s also important to highlight that Documents are integrated in the Projects Management module. The special tab in each project section gives a quick and easy access to necessary files.


The Documents Module allows you to create and edit complex documents, online excel spreadsheets or presentations using all necessary standard features like formatting, image insertion, spell checking, etc. The application supports the majority of common formats: Office Open XML(“.docx”, “.xlsx”, “.pptx”), Microsoft Office 97-2010 (“.doc”, “.xls”, “.ppt”), Open Document (“.odt”, “.ods”, “.odp”), various image formats (“.bmp”, “.gif”,”.jpeg”,”.tiff”, “.png”) and others (“.html”,”.rtf”, “.pdf”, etc).


The “Import” option enables you to transfer data from the web-based office suites you might have used before – Zoho, Google Docs,– to TeamLab Documents. You just need to click the appropriate button on the left panel – it will redirect to the chosen web service. Upon successful authorization there, select the files to import. Use a special button at the page bottom to indicate the folder where you’d like to put the imported docs.

The current documents features will be enhanced as well as the other modules functionality. In the near future we’re going to introduce such important options as:

  • employee access rights management
  • interface customization
  • calendar view
  • user rights restriction (e.g. ability to create a blog,etc.).

That’s it for today. Watch the video and get familiar with the new functions!


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  • Hello,

    This is a great application!

    Do you have any plan to add document editing function in open source edition?


    • Hi Thomas, the editor won't be included in the open source version. We plan to release the server package thouth that will contain the editor.

  • Unfortunately I am having difficulty accessing any of my documents in all of the projects. 404 error or temporarily unavailable? Hope not all the documents are lost.

    • Alex, sorry for the late answer. Please be sure all your documents are safe. The problem was because of the updates of Docs module version.

  • When I deploy the project, at the begining of the execution of .bat file, a message:

    %TeamLabDir%\_ci\projects\build.proj: warning: SvnUpdate skipped because svn.exe not found

    Anyone have that problem?
    Thanks in advance..

  • Hi, I deploy the website on my computer first to test it, and the "edit" option does not appear in the documents module.
    I followed the steps with the documentation. I can't deploy it as a Windows service, but I run TeamLabSvc.exe and I can access to the portal with no apparent problems. What I'm doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Olga,

    I'm using opensource TeamLab and I was just wondering when will be the new version with the Documents module available on

    I have tried to Restore TeamLab Portal Backup on a local server and it has failed: module missing. I guess the missing module is the Documents one. The server setup had to be done from scratch again.

    Have a nice weekend and thanks in advance!


  • Al, in "Documents" you can assign users to changes of a certain document with "Assign" option. Docs import from Projects to Documents is not available now.

    • Hi Olga,

      Removing notifications when a file is uploaded to a project or shared folder is backwards thing to do for an online collaboration center.

      Please tell me why..? This ruins it!

      • Hi, Angelo!
        Notifications are sent only to those users who have the access right to the document or a project.
        Please, check the settings and try again.
        If the problem still exists, feel free to contact our support team -

    • What about the capability to notify when a file is uploaded per project? I see the "Assign" within the main documents but there is no way to notify the file was uploaded within a project.

  • Hi,

    TeamLab removed the capability to notify employee whenever a file is uploaded into Project, instead of the new Document module. How do I migrate all of files that belong to Project into the new Document module?

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