TeamLab, what’s on your roadmap?

Our today’s post is an answer to the most popular question we have received from you so far, the one outlined in the title. Today I’d like to answer it and share our plans for the future releases. Our development process is moving along in high gear. During the recent 3 months we’ve implemented both noticeable updates (multiple languages support, backup restore utility, AMI) and minor functionality improvements. Till the end of this year we’ve scheduled two releases. So, what can you expect from them?

Interim Mid-November release

The most interesting updates are as follows:

  • Branded portal URL. Have you ever wanted to customize your portal URL to look like ? It will be possible to edit your portal address whatever you like.
  • Basecamp import. This will allow you to make a seamless move to TeamLab if you are not at all happy with basecamp service.
  • Notifications via IM. You will be able to customize your portal notifications delivery method and get notified via instant messenger or email.
  • Time tracking. It will be an optional feature within Projects in case you need to track employees work time and get specific reports.

Apart from that there will be several other improvements that will simplify your daily work with the portal. The largest number of them will be introduced within the Projects module:

  • Categories, tags and sorting will help easily organize your projects, tasks & files.
  • Enhanced reporting functionality will provide you with a greater level of work progress analysis.

Major December release

It’s by no coincidence that the release is called Major. We are going to introduce a totally new as well as some long-awaited functionality. And here is a quick overview:

  • Documents. A separate module allowing you to store, share and co-author files. Also, it will be possible to create and edit text files right from your portal. There will be NO Google Docs integration. It’s not because we don’t like Google 🙂 We are using our own technology based on virtualization.
  • Group Chat. Conference functionality will be finally available to you. It’s been requested by many of you and I think further comments here are unnecessary 🙂

In the end, I would like to anticipate possible questions regarding pricing. All these new features will remain free for you. Paid functionality will be introduced in the Q1’11. And there will be a separate post about our monetization strategy.

So, I hope, now you have a pretty clear vision of our plans for the nearest future. Do they meet your expectations? Share your opinion! You know we take your feedback seriously when improving TeamLab 😉

Update: Since it became necessary to test out the new technology more thoroughly, we’ve decided to postpone our major release till the beginning of the new year. We will post a message in our blog when the new functionality goes live. Please follow our news!


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  • Harshal, thanks for your feedback. Good news is that some of your wishes will be realized in the next TeamLab release. So keep track of our news ;)

  • Few of the updates that are increasing your modules.
    1) Possiblities to add modules/Extention by the third party. This will call on huge think pool.
    2) Filters like dotproject. and status of the project. Proposed, Planning, Execution, Drop, Halt, Win.

    3) File attachement in Discussions/Comments. Again Status could be updated like Active/Close. Like in Discussion, you could also add Ticket. technically, Ticket is Discussion with Ticket Number, specified line of task and describing specific issue/BUG [ :)]. May add Priority, and 'accept' feature, like in task.

    4) Space Optimization in Dashboard. [I really like your dashboard.] like in VtigerCRM.

    5) File Search could locate Files from multiple projects. [This is very very very important for the Cross Functional Team.]

    I really like your time adding feature, very user interactive. your design is also good.[GUI].

  • Well, I'm glad I found you. I think it's a great idea to have no user restrictions. Compared with other products, this way you allow a good testing phase, and for starting groups, like mine, it is really useful (to grow, we need a functional tool, and when grown and with money, we can upgrade secondary needs).
    Our requests:
    Calendar: We would like a way to make a timeline (maybe time line view) in the calendar for the next two years (please year view!), and we don't have always hour or day, just month...
    Another wish-area: We would like to have integration with iCal. Maybe a back-syncro with googleCal?
    thnx a lot for this great tool, you are giving us a big help

    • Andres, thanks for your feedback. We'll consider your request about the "year" view mode. Concerning the integration with iCal and Google Calendar, they will be synced with TeamLab Calendar. This option will be available in the spring.

  • I'm also keen for an updated roadmap. In particular, it would be great to know when email integration will be available!

    • Grant, we're working on email integration now but its release date is not determined yet. Currently our prime priority is CRM module that comes the next month.

  • Great Job !!! I'm changing from my old collaboration engine !!! The only thing I'm missing is inbound mail for forums, blogs posts and comments.

    • Hello Bruno,
      We are glad to hear you like TeamLab! :)
      Could you please clarify whether you meant that you need a feature to be able to reply to comments, blog posts and forum discussion via e-mail (without necessary accessing the portal)?

      • Hi Victoria,
        Basically, one would be able to "reply" to a blog post (that was received by e-mail) for example, and his comment would be "added" to the respective blog.

        • Bruno, thanks for explaining. We will forward this suggestion to our developers for sure. In the meantime, we can advise you to subscribe to comments, blog and forum posts that interest you, so that you could receive e-mail notifications when a new comment or post is published.

          • Currently our team uses google groups and many older people receive daily digest of discussions every day. Many people also do not have iPhones but instead Nokia E-series phones, so web browsing on the go is out the realistic capabilities.

            Those two groups (who make up the majority) would prefer to not log in to our TeamLab portal just to start or take part in a discussion.

            Having somekind of inbox for whole team in TeamLab would solve the issue. It would also enable newsletter subscriptions that are important for us.

            How it might look

          • Hello Matti,
            Thank you for the feedback. We will definitely forward your suggestion regarding discussions to our developers. However, could you please clarify what exactly did you mean by "inbox for whole team"? Also, unfortunately, we failed to open your link - please check that it's privacy settings are adjusted accordingly for us to see the data.

  • Hi, idea here:
    I believe it would be great if you would change the "Employees" term with "Co-Creators" or "Collaborators"

    Thank you

    • Hello, Luca!
      Thanks for this suggestion. We will forward it to our developers, so that they could consider implementing this in the future :-)

      • Great suggestion. To make it suitable to everyones wishes, you could add an option to the settings page where you can rename 'projects', 'milestones', 'departments' and 'employees'. This would be a great improvement!

        • Hi Niels, the option for customizing tabs (and other customization possibilities) is now definitely on our roadmap as well! ;)

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