TeamLab Is Now Multilingual!

As you already know, a few weeks ago our team started translating TeamLab into Spanish, German and French. And now we are happy to announce that we have successfully finished our work.

We have received lots of feedback from you during this time and would like to thank all TeamLab users who contacted us. Having taken into account suggestions from our Russian users, we have additionally translated TeamLab into Russian.

As a result, TeamLab is now available in 5 languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français and Русский. Enter your portal settings and adjust Language and Time Zone Settings to change default language:

TeamLab website has also become multilingual. We need a little more time to translate our getting started video, but we promise to make the language versions available very soon.

We invite you to translate TeamLab into your local language. For that use the instructions provided on our SourceForge page. We’d be pleased if you sent us the translated files, so that we include them into TeamLab as well.


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  • I plan to translate Teamlab to Chinese, but I can't find Teamlab Translating.pdf in SourceForge.

  • First, this is a very cool piece of software, gratz and thax for letting us using it for free (until now). I really like it. I was wondering if it is possible to not just choose one language as a gloabel language for the portal but every user can decide, what language he would like. As I work in a team with german and english speakers it would be cool to choose this in your profile.

    Best Regards,


    • Hello Thomas,
      Thanks for your feedback. Currently it's not possible for each user of the portal to set his/her own language, sorry. But the idea is really great and quite reasonable, so we will definitely forward it to our developers! :)

  • Hi,

    I haven't managed to check the source code yet but did you guys support RTL layout yet? Arabic and Hebrew language require RTL layout. I am just wondering because we can contribute on this section from the translation to RTl support.

  • Leider ab noch nicht völlig ohne BUGS:

    Die UMLAUTE werden bei der Benachrichtigung per Mail nicht korrekt angezeigt:

    Hier der Betreff:
    TM Projects [Gebäude/Grünanlagen]. Ihnen zugewiesene Aufgabe: Wer ist zuständig?

    • Helge, danke, dass Sie uns von diesem Problem mitgeteilt haben. Wir werden die deutschen Benachrichtigungen so bald wie möglich noch einmal gründlich testen und den Bug korrigieren.

  • hi all,
    i would like to collaborate to make the italian traslation, so i'll wait some tips just to know how.

  • Hi dudes,

    i've created an account for my small business and i think your service is great. Butt one small thing is there what i wanted to know and what is really important for me:
    How can i set different roles for the access on projects. If i now add an new employee and add him to a project he has all access to other projects. Is there a way to afford this and to get access for employees only on special projects?
    Thanx for your help!

    • Hi Tobi,
      Thanks for the nice words about our service! Unfortunately current version doesn't provide such functionality. Access restriction is in the development process. In the next versions it will be available.
      Please follow our blog updates. Soon we will post the list of new features that will be included in the TeamLab release this fall.

      • Здравствуйте!
        На когда вы планируете выход новой версии с возможностью разграничения прав пользователей?

        И еще... Сейчас у вас реализована возможность построения структуры компании, но только двухуровневую. Будет здорово, если можно будет делать подразделения. Например:
        ---Петров Иван
        ---Иванов Петр
        ---Илья Иванов
        ---Иван Ильин
        ---Дональд Кнут
        ---Билл Гейтс
        ---Влад Кришна
        ---Борис Сергеев

        Вот так..
        У вас замечательный продукт!

        • Здравствуйте,
          Выход новой версии с возможностью разграничения прав доступа запланирован на первый квартал этого года. Пока более конкретную дату выпуска сказать не можем. В этой же версии мы планируем добавить возможность создавать под-отделы, да и в целом у портала появятся расширенные возможности кастомизации.

        • !Бухгалтерия
          !!!Петров Иван
          !!!Иванов Петр
          !!!Илья Иванов
          !!!Иван Ильин
          !ИТ департамент
          !!!Дональд Кнут
          !!!Билл Гейтс
          !!!Влад Кришна
          !!!Борис Сергеев

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