ONLYOFFICE, the best Collabora Online alternative


100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats

3 reasons why ONLYOFFICE is the best Collabora Online alternative

More compatible

ONLYOFFICE uses OOXML as a core format which guarantees 100% compatibility with Microsoft Office files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx).

More features

ONLYOFFICE offers a complete set of formatting tools and collaborative features to work on complex documents online.

More powerful

With ONLYOFFICE, one dual-core server can accommodate up to 150 users.

Watch this presentation to see the difference between office suites:

Both ONLYOFFICE and Collabora focus on collaboration. Let's compare their collaborative features, shall we?

Co-editing modes

2 modes - Fast and Strict.

One mode only.

Undo/Redo Strict mode +/+ Fast mode +/- +/+
Version history
Review and Track Changes

Automatically enabled for all users

Switching to the review mode by one user activates this mode for all the other users.
Display modes of Track Changes
Built-in chat
Non-printing characters

For each user individually.

For all users simultaneously.

If User 1 presses Non-printing characters button to show or hide them, they are shown to User 2 or hidden from them as well.

For each user individually.

For all users simultaneously.

If User 1 enables spell-checking, it's automatically enabled for User 2 whether they want it or not.
Individual zoom for each user
Hide Toolbar
Hide Tables borders
Hide Ruler
Hide Gridlines
Hide row and column headings

Most of the missing features in Collabora and particularities of its work can be explained by its architecture.
Read more in our blog post.

Read this article for an in-depth comparison of the architecture and features available in Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE

ONLYOFFICE VS Collabora: a critical comparison

Since our integration with Nextcloud, we are even more frequently asked what exactly does ONLYOFFICE have that our direct competitor, Collabora, doesn’t.

ONLYOFFICE or Collabora: who proves better in collaboration

In this article we will focus on collaborative work in both office suites.

Check out the compatibility with MS Office formats

We have saved the docx file created by Microsoft in PDF with different office suites. Here's the result.

What went wrong in Collabora? Click here to see details

As for the spreadsheets, check out the xlsx display in both office suites.

What went wrong in Collabora? Click here to see details

Still not convinced? Compare the editors yourself!

Download the docx file and xlsx files and try to edit them using Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE.

Read instruction how to compare editors