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Time Tracking within the Projects Module

Today I’d like to tell you about one useful TeamLab feature you frequently ask to write about. That is Time Tracking.

What is the Time Tracking feature for?
The answer to this question is obvious – in order to know where the time goes. But you can use this information in different ways. As a project team member, you learn how much time you spend on a certain task and can plan your workday better to fulfill the current tasks in time or even improve your performance. As a project manager, you get essential data to estimate how much progress your team needs to make and reallocate resources if needed. As a boss, you can compare how much time every employee spent performing his tasks.


Manage More Efficiently with TeamLab Mobile Projects

Hello to everyone,

Today we’re excited to tell you about an important update: TeamLab Mobile version has been enhanced with the Projects section launched. Along with Community activities now you get an ability to manage and monitor projects via your smartphone: view projects and team information, create, add, comment tasks and milestones, organize and take part in discussions.

In case you haven’t used TeamLab Mobile before, you may be interested to know some facts about it. The mobile version is optimized for Android and iOS devices (Ipad users can enjoy the fully-featured standard TeamLab website). It has been developed as a web application that brings several essential advantages


TeamLab Online Scanner: Safe Online Work with Advanced Computer Diagnostics

Dear All!

Today we’ve prepared the news you are sure to be surprised about: TeamLab introduces a free online diagnostics system TeamLab Online Scanner*. The application aims at detecting and eliminating a wide range of threats: viruses, trojans, rootkits, zero-day files, damaged system files and settings. The operation principal is quite simple: the system scans the computer, identifies malware and suspicious objects and gives users the recommendations that should be taken to remove found problems. Helping to get rid of broken system files and malicious software, TeamLab Online Scanner enables you to optimize PC performance and maintain its proper stable operation.


Some interesting facts about TeamLab

If we bring all TeamLab users together, we can fill the European largest football stadium! Find out more interesting facts about TeamLab in this presentation :)


One Year: TeamLab Results and Plans

Having celebrated our Birthday and released the new TeamLab version, we’ve decided to sum up the results of our first year in the market and tell you about our plans for the future.

So, what is TeamLab today? It is over 115, 000 users worldwide and 36, 500 portals created. TeamLab helps to manage more than 76, 000 projects with a total amount of 347, 000 assigned tasks. An impressive set of numbers for a fresh startup, isn’t it?

Our growth rate shows 300% increase in half a year: at the beginning of February there were 32, 990 users and 12, 002 portals. It’s pleasant to say we are keeping the same pace in summer that usually is a low season of business activity. Our geography space is expanding as well. TeamLab is popular in 148 countries on 6 continents.


TeamLab User, Your data is in safe hands

Dear TeamLab users!

One tiny still very important update for you: today we’ve switched all the portals to HTTPS protocol. What does it mean? Your personal data such as login, password and the whole portal content (Blogs, Forums, Projects, etc.) have gained a safer protection.

Let me explain the principle change for you to understand and estimate the difference if you’re not a tech savvy. HTTPS is a protocol of data transmission in World Wide Web. It uses the ordinary HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) but ensures data digital protection with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The mentioned SSL encryptes every session and establishes a secure connection between you and TeamLab. This encryption makes it impossible for any third party to interfere into the session and get any private information.

This way you can be sure that all your data is inaccessible for anyone and protected against Internet frauds.


Small But Mighty

Hello to all TeamLab Users and our Blog Guests!

I’m Anthony Smirnov, Head of Product Development. Today I pass on the series of our open house session that my colleagues started several days ago. In the recent TeamLab release access rights management and pricing plan announcement have received most of your attention. Still there is a number of other new features that you’ve been waiting for and that I’ll cover shortly in this post.


TeamLab speaks Italian! TeamLab parla italiano!

TeamLab is becoming quite widespread project management platform. According to our statistics research, users from Italy and Switzerland are interested in our solution as well. Surely, we couldn’t ignore this attention and introduced TeamLab Italian version. So now Italian-speaking audience can also take advantage of TeamLab and obtain more vast opportunities to control teamwork and leverage collaboration efficiently.


How to import contacts from various sources to TeamLab?

It always takes lots of time and effort to add contacts manually. But TeamLab offers you a possibility to do that in no time at all thanks to the import function. It lets you add contacts from your account at Yahoo, Google, Windows Live, from a CSV file or the address book of the email client you use.

To do that, click the Add Employees link at the top on the main page of your portal. Then hit the Start Importing button in the appeared window and select a tab depending on the needed source: from web or from file.