TeamLab CRM: More Opportunities for Efficient Business

Dear all!

Today we’re taking a further step to give you more opportunities for efficient business management and make TeamLab a full-featured universal web office. We’re introducing CRM module!

The module is organized in 4 sections integrated between each other


Customizing Your TeamLab Portal

Nowadays there is surely no system that can’t be customized, at least minimally. TeamLab platform is no exception. Reading this post, you will learn what exactly you can adjust on your portal and how.

Within TeamLab platform two customization types are offered:

  • individual customization that affects the portal account of a certain user only,
  • general customization that affects all the portal users.


TeamLab® Registered Trademark

Today we are happy to announce that TeamLab has achieved the status of a registered trademark in the U.S.A. – TeamLab®. The requirements of US Patent and Trademark Office are high, but TeamLab managed to pass Trademark Office criterion having proved to be a unique distinctive service.

This considerable event means more than the mark veto and legal protection under the U.S. law. It represents our serious and strong intention to continue business development on a more professional level. As our services gain popularity in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia, we expect TeamLab to be recognized internationally in the future. In this introduction to a wider audience of users our next step will be the trademark registration in Europe.


Everything about TeamLab Notifications – Part II

Last time we divided all notifications into two groups and discussed manageable notification messages you as portal users get from TeamLab, the way you can adjust them, subscribe or unsubscribe from them. Today we’ll consider the second group, namely non-manageable notifications.


Schedule and track your activities using TeamLab Calendar

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, TeamLab users suggestions and requests are our great concern and main navigator. Recently one of the most consistent and popular demands has been a built-in calendar. We couldn’t ignore this point and today introduce – yes, you’re right – TeamLab Calendar.


Everything about TeamLab Notifications – Part I

As you no doubt have already guessed, the post concerns the notification messages you as portal users get from TeamLab, the way you can adjust them, subscribe or unsubscribe from them. TeamLab notifications are made to provide you with information about every change at your TeamLab portal as well as remind you of some event. There are two groups of notifications – notifications you can manage and notifications you will receive in any case by email. Let’s consider the first group in detail.


TeamLab Mobile: Manage docs the easy way even on the move

Good news for those who want to constantly track project progress regardless of a laptop or office location. TeamLab’s introduced the Documents version for Android and iOS devices becoming a truly mobile management service.

The Mobile Documents provides a number of the most essential features that allow you to view corporate or personal documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images, organize files in a folder structure and make notes in .txt format. The search function makes browsing through documents smooth and easy. Android device users can also upload photos to their TeamLab portal. This way you get an ability to stay on top of your document processing and management chores no matter where you are.*


Access Rights Management within the Documents Module

Documents moduleIn this post I’ll continue the topic of Access Rights Management we discussed last time, but today I’ll consider the Documents module from this point of view.

The Documents module of TeamLab platform represents a place where all the files of an organization can be stored, viewed*, created*, edited*, shared, be it a text document, spreadsheet, image file or presentation.


TeamLab Türkçe konuşuyor!TeamLab μιλάει ελληνικά!

While the majority of our readers are surprised to see these unknown symbols, Turkish- and Greek-speaking users are happy to learn that TeamLab is now available in their native languages.

This significant event took place due to the contribution of two wonderful people:  Nektarios Makris and Murat Alkan. They were among the first enthusiasts who offered their help in translating TeamLab. Thanks a lot for your efforts and time! It’s a great pleasure to have such devoted users!


Private Projects and Setting Access Rights

Today I’ll introduce you a very popular feature among our customers – Access Rights Management – within the Projects module. Since a short time ago this feature has become free of charge and now every project manager can create private projects and grant permissions to his project team members. None of the other portal users can access such projects and their content (except for portal administrators).