Sharing Option within TeamLab Calendar

Click to zoom inThe today’s post I’ll also devote to the calendar feature recently included into TeamLab. One of the options offered within TeamLab Calendar is sharing events added to personal calendars and the whole calendars with your colleagues who are also registered at your portal.


Breaking Language Barriers, or Portal for TeamLab Translators

Translators portal logoAs you already know, at the moment TeamLab is completely available in eight languages – English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese – and partially in Greek, Polish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Czech. The following languages are on the way: Ukrainian, Georgian, Slovak, Portuguese, Azerbaijani, Korean, Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Romanian, Dutch, Croatian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Finish, Thai.


Calendars in TeamLab Calendar

Click to zoom inWithin the last few weeks we received several questions concerning calendars which can be found in TeamLab Calendar, that’s why I decided to devote the today’s post to this topic.

All of you surely know how to access TeamLab calendar – just click the ‘Calendar’ link on the start page (that appears after login where all the active modules are displayed) or at the very top of any page. After that TeamLab Calendar will open introducing all events from your calendars situated on the left side.


You Use TeamLab – We Give Presents

Hi everyone,

The promised day has come and we announce who’ll get the gifts from TeamLab Santa*. Actually, both our team and dear Santa were surprised and pleased by your enthusiasm. A huge thanks to everyone who has spent some time and shared their impressions on TeamLab with us.

The Facebook users turned out to be the most active participants in our holiday contest “Why I love using TeamLab”. Twitterists and especially Google+ community were not so eager to get gifts for some unknown reason (maybe it’s the holiday rush). That’s why we thought it would be honest if there’re 5 winners for Facebook, 3 – for Twitter and 1 – for Google+ :)

So, the authors of the most popular posts “Why I love using TeamLab” are:


TeamLab Santa is on the way…

Why do we love holidays so much? Because of their magic ambiance, family reunions, huge parties and … gifts from Santa of course! Everyone remembers the sweet time when we sang a Christmas carol or recited nursery rhymes, and Santa gave us gifts.

Why not revive this wonderful tradition? Won’t you like to receive a present from Christmas grandpa? You say Yes? Perfect!

TeamLab Santa has already prepared gifts for you.


Event Types in TeamLab Calendar

Click to zoom inTeamLab Calendar represents a convenient tool for planning your working day, week, month or even year. Here you can create, edit, share various events. The following unusual types can be singled out from the mass of calendar events:

  • all-day events,
  • recurring events,
  • shared events.

In this post I’ll describe these event types at length.


Translating TeamLab, or TeamLab Online Translation System

Click to zoom inAs you certainly know, TeamLab is already available in 11 languages: English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Portuguese (Brazilian variant), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. At the moment it’s being translated into Czech, Polish as well as Ukrainian, Swedish, Korean, Indonesian, Slovak, Finnish, Dutch. All that has become possible thanks to our Online Translation System specially developed for translating TeamLab.


Dobrą wiadomością! 好消息 ! dobrou zprávou!

As you might have already guessed, TeamLab shows off fresh knowledge in linguistics: three languages were added to the portal interface.

From now on TeamLab speaks Chinese (Simplified) due to the great work of Jason Zhang and Phoenix Y.F. Wong. They have managed to translate the whole TeamLab functionality.

TeamLab has also learnt Polish and a bit of Chezh. An excellent team of Polish contributors: Grzegorz Polak, Krzysztof Balana, Michal Skweres, Paweł Czekaj, Łukasz Zygiel have translated all the modules except the recently added CRM toolset.


Access Rights Management within the CRM Module

Click to zoom inContinuing the topic of access rights management within Projects and Documents, today I’ll introduce the new CRM module recently included to TeamLab from this point of view. Customer relationship management involves compiling and processing important data that represents a commercial secret. That’s why the access rights management feature is so essential for the CRM module.


TeamLab CRM: More Opportunities for Efficient Business

Dear all!

Today we’re taking a further step to give you more opportunities for efficient business management and make TeamLab a full-featured universal web office. We’re introducing CRM module!

The module is organized in 4 sections integrated between each other