TeamLab Introduces the First HTML-5 Document Editor at CeBIT 2012

As you already know, this week TeamLab is participating in CeBIT, a great international IT event held in

Hannover. We’ve decided that it’s a great opportunity not only to meet our users face to face, but also to reveal details on our coming enhancement – HTML-5 based TeamLab Document Editor.

For those, who couldn’t participate in the exhibition, we’ll sum up the main points announced at our press-conference yesterday.


Synchronizing TeamLab Calendar with Other Calendars

Click to zoom inWithin the last few months we’ve received a lot of inquiries concerning the synchronization feature in TeamLab Calendar – the majority of TeamLab users have been looking forward to it, and finally a week ago this option was added to the SaaS version! In today’s post I’ll describe how you can use it.


TeamLab CRM & Calendar Updates

Dear users, we have recently introduced important and highly demanded changes in CRM and Calendar.

Here is a short list of them:

1. Website contact form. Use it to build a form, that you can publish on your site for capturing new contacts automatically.

2. Enhanced filtration. The enhanced filter facilitates the contact search.

3. Calendar integration. CRM is now integrated with the calendar allowing you to see all the CRM tasks in the Calendar.


Integrating TeamLab Talk into Instant Messengers

Recently we have received several questions on how to integrate TeamLab Talk into some desktop instant messengers (IM), that’s why I decided to devote the today’s post to this topic.

If you already have an instant messenger that is used by all organization members to communicate with each other in real time, it might be really uncomfortable to change it for TeamLab Talk available at your corporate portal. In fact you don’t need to do that! You can just integrate TeamLab Talk into your IM and chat with your colleagues as well as get notifications from your portal in the habitual way. Besides all the changes in your staff are automatically performed within your TeamLab Talk account. That’s all for publicity, let’s get closer to the integration procedure.


The best thing about TeamLab is our users

We love you with every Task in our Projects.  We are altogether immersed in the happiness we derive from every Document you create or edit. From any single Event or Blog you post we feel enfolded and sustained by the fact that you continue using our service. Believe us, this declaration comes from the bottom of our heart. Though the heart of our service consists of code elements it may feel the true love. The love which grows with every new client you add to your TeamLab CRM and with any appointment you submit to the Calendar. Every new feature we create, every new option we add to our service, we do it for you, our beloved user!

In case you feel even a small part of that love we feel for you, please tell the world about it in a form of haiku, like these ones:

Little company
Has met Teamlab
Happy rich company

TeamLab loves the users
Users use TeamLab
Harmony governs

Love is in the air
TeamLab in the clouds
Where are u?

Of course, we remember, that the love must be appreciated and we will grant the pack of extra services for the whole year completely for free to the authors of 3 haikus with the most number of likes.

So, what you need to do with all the love you feel for TeamLab;) is publish a haiku for TeamLab in our Facebook page and share it with your friends via the “share” button.

Please don’t worry about keeping the tempo and correct haiku form – with a few warm or funny words it would be quite enough!

On the 1st of March we will announce the results. Till this date haikus in any language are welcome!


Meet TeamLab at the world’s largest IT event – CeBIT 2012!

Dear Teamlab users!

We are glad to inform you about TeamLab participation in its first international event CeBIT 2012 – the digital industry’s biggest exhibition, which is held in Hannover from 6th to 10th of March.


TeamLab Online Translation System Update

Click to zoom inAbout a month ago I wrote about our TeamLab Online Translation System developed specially for translating TeamLab into various languages and listed its advantages as compared with the previous translating procedure. During the past period our contributors (now they are 62) as system users and TeamLab team as system administrators have been diligently working in it and suggested some ideas on how to improve TeamLab Online Translation System. Now I’m glad to inform you that this system has recently been updated getting even more user-friendly and providing TeamLab translators with new possibilities.


Creating and Managing TeamLab Documents Collaboratively

Click to zoom in

  • Want to share and work collaboratively with documents?
  • Need to edit spreadsheets, presentations or drawings shared with you online?
  • Want to be notified as soon as you get access rights to a file, if the file shared with you has been updated or deleted?
  • …and all that maintaining version history and being able to restore one of the previous versions of a file?


Teamlab Docs – More Options for More Convenient Work

Dear Teamlab users!

We are glad to start this year with the important updates of Teamlab Documents Module.
From now on you can enjoy the new interface and features which will hopefully make your document management easier and more efficient.


Sharing Option within TeamLab Calendar

Click to zoom inThe today’s post I’ll also devote to the calendar feature recently included into TeamLab. One of the options offered within TeamLab Calendar is sharing events added to personal calendars and the whole calendars with your colleagues who are also registered at your portal.