All you need to know about Teamlab ARM

Did we mention we do our best to meet our users needs and requirements?

Since ARM feature was implemented in Teamlab, there have been many requests concerning its perfection and developing. Today we’ve tried to gather all common questions and answer all the requests starting with “can I restrict access to…?” and “can I provide access to…?”.
Dear users, YES YOU CAN!

After reading this you will learn how to:

  • Set several portal administrators for a portal
  • Determine clients’ access rights for each TeamLab module
  • Work with freelancers and outsource specialists
  • Restrict clients’ access to some information in TeamLab
  • Hide CRM Module from everyone except Sales Department
  • Share your docs with people outside the portal

…and much more on the topic of how to make use of the ARM system in Teamlab.


TeamLab New Version: Vast Opportunities For Your Business

Dear all,

As recently promised in our roadmap, this week we’ve launched a new version of TeamLab SaaS. The updates can be divided in two categories: changes in general settings and the Projects section.

Firstly, the Projects section has been essentially revised making navigation easier and faster. We’ve optimized the interface having removed the redundant information fields and added advanced filters.


TeamLab: Open Source Compared with SaaS

OpenSource_SaaSHello to everyone, despite the fact that today’s post will be interesting first of all to the users of TeamLab open source version and to our prosperous customers who are thinking over whether to install this edition!

I’ll tell you about TeamLab open source version, where the difference between the open source and SaaS versions lies and give you some advice on how to cope with troubles you might face while using the open source version.


TeamLab Rescue Rangers

Technical support is a real pain in the neck for lots of web-services, but without any exaggeration not for us. Users always have plenty of questions, complaints and suggestions, that’s why we’ve created several support channels including interactive types like a user voice form, email messages, feedback page, online chat as well as reference materials like Help Center, FAQ and this blog, of course.

Support Service


TeamLab: What will the future bring?

As you may already know, we constantly gather all TeamLab users’ suggestions in our special feedback form to understand your needs and expectations. Today’s post illustrates two points: the value and importance of your feedback and our determination to be truly client-oriented company developing TeamLab according to your requests. But no more lyrics, let’s pass to the facts.

So, what are we going to implement from the features you’ve suggested?


Importing Data from Google Apps into TeamLab

Importing data from GoogleHello to everyone,

The topic of my today’s post is data transfer from Google Apps to your TeamLab portal. Let’s stipulate at the very beginning what exactly you can import:

  • contacts from your Google account as TeamLab portal users,

  • your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms from Google Docs,
  • your calendars from Google Calendar.


Trying out the Mass Mailing Feature at TeamLab

Click to zoom inAs someone of you already knows, an important feature was added into the CRM module with the latest release and I would like to lay our cards on the table. The option I’m telling you about is mass mailing and it’s available in beta version only. Reading this post, you will learn how to access, use and enjoy it forgetting any other email marketing services. Let’s stipulate at the very beginning that only portal administrators have the right to all these advantages!


How to Gain More Prospective Customers Effortlessly

Click to zoom inHi to everyone,

Today I’ll tell you about an effective way of getting new leads with practically no effort introducing you a new feature of the CRM module – website contact form. It lets you generate the source code of a contact form with custom number of fields which you can embed into your website. Filling in the form in the Internet, your prospective customers will provide you with their contact details that will be automatically added into the contact list of your CRM system on the TeamLab portal constantly enriching your client database.


TeamLab: Benefit from Web Integration with REST API

Dear tech-savvy users!

We are glad to inform you that TeamLab launches the application programming interface (API).

From now on you will be able to:

  • import and export necessary data,
  • build applications on top of TeamLab
  • integrate TeamLab tools into existing programs and services
  • create javascript widgets.


TeamLab Linguistic Success and Plans

One of the things that makes TeamLab stand out in the row of the business software solutions is its multilingual interface. From the very beginning we have been trying to overcome the language barriers and introduce TeamLab to different nations from as many countries as possible.

Our community of contributors has always been a great help in spreading TeamLab all over the world. Due to their hard work, now TeamLab speaks 15 languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Latvian
  • Italian
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Ukrainian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Czech
  • Vietnamese

One of the recent updates is the release of the Ukrainian and Vietnamese versions of TeamLab.