100 Raw Facts about TeamLab Office Edition. Part I.

Weve launched the campaign about the upcoming update named “100 raw facts about TeamLab Office Edition“. Every day we post a bunch of fresh facts on TeamLab new version in social networks.

For those of you missing out on our campaign in social networks we decided to post 100 facts about TeamLab 7.0 here in our blog. Enjoy the show :)

The hottest

  • TeamLabish means stylish! Absolutely new TeamLab style: one common interface for all the modules with the navigation panel on the left and the content fileds on the right.
  • Mission accomplished. TeamLab Mail – one of the top users’ request ready for launch. Integrated e-mail client/aggregator with several accounts to manage directly from your portal.
  • Let my people go! The People section as a separate module: you will get a single member base for all TeamLab tools.


TeamLab is about to Release Bold New Version

Dear all,

Soon your work within TeamLab will become even more enjoyable and efficient. We’re about to introduce completely new TeamLab – TeamLab Office Edition.

The key idea of the entire rework is to offer you a universal cloud office, where you could fulfill almost any business tasks – whether it’s document, project or customer relationship management matters – in a convenient way. Tending to implement this holistic approach, the coming version boasts the following changes:


TeamLab Co-Writers Are Welcome

TeamLab Translators and Writers PortalWho are they, these TeamLab co-writers? They are users of TeamLab portals who decided to assist their colleagues using some TeamLab functions, performing certain operations, or optimizing their work space within the portal. Pursuing that goal, they give advice writing their own articles, shooting video, or translating the existing TeamLab documentation into the mother tongue and place them on their portals. But the majority of such users would like to share their work with others and we are glad to help them.


TeamLab: Import and Export of Your CRM Data

CRM moduleThe import and export operations represent an integral part of work with any data system making our life much easier. TeamLab is no exception. Within the CRM module you can import and export contacts, opportunities, tasks and cases – in a word the whole module content.


Tips on Performing a Search on Your TeamLab Portal

You always need to find something after entering your TeamLab portal, be it a certain task or a blog post. TeamLab offers you a number of search options that help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible. They are:

  • search bar
  • filter bar
  • tag cloud
  • sort link


In the Meanwhile, TeamLab Mastered Finnish and Portuguese

portuguese & finnishAlmost everything has already been said about the new features and improvements of the latest SaaS version… but only a few TeamLab users are in the know that their portals are available in two more languages now – Finnish and Portuguese!

It became possible thanks to our contributing translators who joined us and have been working hard to achieve this goal:

Finnish Translators Portuguese Translators
Juha Olkkonen Carlos Machado
Joonas Klaavu Bruno Pereira
Joonas Tuomainen João Arcanjo
Juho Hietala Filipe Rocha
Outi Järvinen Rui Rodrigues


Teamlab. Stable, Safe & Secure

Today we’d like to tell you what measures TeamLab takes to guarantee your portal data protection and give some recommendations on how to secure data in a maximum efficient way.

What makes TeamLab secure and safe

We prevent such threats as  authentication  cookie thefts via cross-site scripting, SQL injections, Cross-Site  Request Forgery and other types of security dangers for your personal  data and the whole portal content by:

  • when a user submits Personal Information, it is kept on a private server not accessible  from the Internet. This limits the possibility of any malicious use of your Personal Information.
  • assigning authentication cookies with HttpOnly attributes and binding them to the portal user’s IP address to prevent any cookie theft;
  • having conducted a series of independent tests, aimed at detection of probable vulnerabilities to make sure that  TeamLab portals meet the most up-to-date security requirements and are  resistant against possible hacker attacks;
  • allowing only a user to change his/her password with the help of a special link forwarded to the registered email.  TeamLab neither submits passwords by email nor provides the  administrator with the corresponding rights;
  • providing backup permissions only to the portal owner to avoid any possible private data leaks.


TeamLab Summer Upgrade Series: New Document Editor

Another summer week and some of you are probably lying on the beach with a refreshing mojito in hand. Meanwhile TeamLab  keeps on upgrading regardless of these tempting sunny days to make a surprise for you when you’re back from the vacation :)

So, what are the upgrades this time? A new TeamLab Document Editor. It surpasses the previous one both in the features range, operation speed and fluency of work.

If we describe the improvements in more details, now you get:

  • almost unlimited number of fonts
  • a considerably extended list of styles
  • faster performance regardless of a document size
  • improved table processing
  • painless insertion of pictures, headers and footers in documents
  • complete identity of document displayed and printed or imported versions


One Workspace for Three Accounts

TeamLab IntegrationSummertime and the livin’ is easy, as the song goes. To make your teamwork much easier, we’re working really hard all through this sunny season: recently you’ve read about our new version and now for some more good news! Right now in your portal you can already get use of integrating your TeamLab workspace with accounts in Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.


Adding Content to Your TeamLab Portal via Email

Adding Content via EmailYou open your mailbox and receive a lot of emails as well as a common notification from your TeamLab portal among them. When it comes to it, you automatically click ‘Reply’ and answer the comment you got the notification about without realizing it. Next time when you log in into your portal, you see your comment added to the topic you are subscribed to and are awfully surprised.

That is the way how some of TeamLab users discovered this new feature. But now it’s time we told everyone about it!