Meet Teamlab at TechCrunch Moscow!

Teamlab at Techcrunch 2012It’s been a long time since TeamLab was taking part in a real life event. Let’s face it, most of our announcements are made online, depriving us of an opportunity to communicate with our users face to face. The last TeamLab public appearance dates back to the beginning of this spring, when we participated in CeBIT – an international IT event held in Hannover. We had a great time getting acquainted with TeamLab users and discussing the prospect of our service.

Nine month later we witnessed the reboot of TeamLab, tested the beta-version of TeamLab 7.0, struggled through trials and tribulations, but eventually managed to come up with a product that is truly helpful, user-friendly and technologically advanced. We can not thank you enough for your huge contribution in terms of ideas generated, bugs found and support given. Together we made a difference and we think this is something to be proud of not only inside our close-knit community of TeamLab users, but in front a much bigger audience.


Salam! Do You Speak Azeri?

Azerbaijan-Flag-MapFor those TeamLab users who do there is some great news – Azeri (Latin script) is included into the list of portal languages!

It became possible thanks to our contributor who spared no effort to translate TeamLab to this beautiful language. His name is Ilkin Huseynov, he represents the Prosper company.

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to him and wish good luck in his future endeavors!


TeamLab Server Solutions 6.5 Now at Your Disposal

Dear server & open source version users,

SourceForgeToday’s post is intended for you! As you might guess from the title, the much-anticipated TeamLab server and open source versions 6.5 are already available at SourceForge. The following files can be found under this link:

  • – open source version 6.5 that can be compiled and run on your own server, customized and improved under the GNU GPL v.3 license
  • TeamLab_Migration_to_v6.5.pdf – instructions on how to migrate from open source version 6.0 to 6.5
  • TeamLabServer.exe – server version 6.5 that can be installed on your own server with MySQL and Microsoft IIS by following the easy steps of a setup wizard
  • TeamLabServerExpress.exe – server express version 6.5 that can be installed on your own server by following the easy steps of a setup wizard (no MySQL and Microsoft IIS needed)


Teamlab Server Migration

Dear users!

Recently Teamlab has been experiencing access problems because of the servers migration to a different region. Please accept our sincere apologies, as writing this post we count on your understanding, loyalty and support.

Lately there have been several issues with the unstable work of Amazon servers, located in N. Virginia. In order to escape such cases in future and provide you with maximum reliability when 7.0 stable version is out, we’ve made a decision to migrate to another data center region – Oregon, considered one of the most stable areas owned by Amazon. The migration process took more time than we expected and lasted for several hours.

Now for the most part Teamlab servers are stable. However, next weekend a couple of short-term instability periods are expected as we have one more server for migration left. We highly appreciate your understanding and patience. We also promise to make a preannouncement in our blog and social networks next time we plan to work with servers.

At the moment the situation is under control and we are taking all the possible measures to provide Teamlab stability.


Why Office Edition?

Recently we have launched TeamLab Reboot campaign that gave birth to a whole new product. As we have already announced, the commercial version of TeamLab is going to include text, spreadsheet (and later) presentation editors that will become the basis of the platform interconnecting all of its modules. That’s exactly why the new version is called Office Edition.


TeamLab 7.0: Meeting New TeamLab People

People moduleThe topic of today’s post is a new module appeared in TeamLab 7.0 named People.

In the previous TeamLab versions, each module contained the ‘Users’ tab where all portal members were displayed and each member could belong to one certain group only. In version 7.0, it’s possible to add one and the same user to several groups recreating the project team structure in this way.

TeamLab People is a cross-module center where all portal members as well as groups they belong to are displayed and the needed data about a particular portal member as well as his/her contact details can be easily found.


100 Raw Facts about TeamLab Office Edition. Part II.

Some more minor but important facts on our global release.

Final ones

Thanks to the liquid layout of the user interface, the portal content will be displayed correctly on any screens.


TeamLab 7.0: pricing

Recently we have received a lot of inquiries about our pricing policy after the release of the new version of TeamLab. This post is aimed at answering those questions and generally clarifying the situation.

TeamLab 7.0 is a virtual office that includes the following modules and instruments: “Documents” with online editors on board, “Projects”, “CRM”, “Community”, “People”, “Calendar” and “Mail”.

The office is going to be available in 2 packages:

1) TeamLab Office Edition – a commercial version of the product.

2) TeamLab Public Edition – an open source version.


TeamLab: A Story of One Success

Erlend MongstadA few days ago one of our diligent translation contributors shared his company experience in using TeamLab and granted us his kind permission to publish his story in our blog. So here it is!

“I’m a web developer in a small Norwegian company (5 employees) that offers web design/web development for other companies. Until this spring, we’ve contacted all our customers via email forwarding messages to each other.


TeamLab 7.0: Integrating and Sharing Google, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive Accounts

TeamLab IntegrationI’m sure, almost all of you already know that TeamLab brand new version is on the way. In the meanwhile to smooth over the expectation, we’d like to tell you about its possibilities. The topic of today’s post is integration of Google, Box, Dropbox, and SkyDrive accounts with TeamLab Documents module.

The general idea of this feature is to enable synchronization between TeamLab and other services. While adding a third party account to TeamLab, a folder is created where all documents from it will be visible. You can manage them as you like, but deleting a file stored in such a folder, bear in mind that it will also be removed from the third party account and this action cannot be undone.

You know all of that, but the absolutely new thing is that in the coming version you will be able to grant access rights for these folders to other portal users.