Displaying Documents from TeamLab Office Directly on Your Webpage

embedding documentsHello to everyone!

Today you will learn how to embed a text file, presentation, spreadsheet stored in your TeamLab Office into your mobile or web application, website or blog. All the visitors of your website or application users will be able to read, copy, share or embed it. In your turn you can manage it the way you like – modify the source document in your TeamLab Office and the changes will be visible in its published copy as well as restrict access to it with a single button click.


How to Benefit from Promoting TeamLab

Are you a loyal TeamLab user and fan? Then you are sure to remember that it’s a complete office suite in the cloud with all the tools necessary for your business to work centrally from one place. With our natural desire and permanent challenge to spread the service benefits all over the world we’ve always kept asking you to share your TeamLab Office experience with your colleagues and friends. Today we’re happy to say that from now on we’ll be able to give you a reward in return for your TeamLab Office promoting campaigns and this reward will be quite tangible.


Polyglotism of TeamLab Knows No Bounds

Hello everyone!

We have some good news for Korean speaking TeamLab users. The other day Korean enriched the list of languages you can switch your portal to!

It became possible thanks to the BNS company (that means Brand New Style). The company staff did their best to deliver the Korean translation as soon as possible and now every TeamLab user can enjoy his portal in this beautiful language.


TeamLab 7.4: Release Notes

Spring never comes alone and this time we’ve prepared major enhancements for your cloud office. For starters – improved time and payment tracking, guest users as a main course and other pretty little cookies for dessert.

Hungry for the details? Here they are:

TeamLab_time billing1. Working with clients and freelancers becomes easier.

From now on there is a payment status for each record in the Time Tracking section:

· Not chargeable – for the hours which will not be paid;

· Not billed – for the time period which is not paid yet;

· Billed – for the hours that have been paid already.


Be My Guest: External TeamLab Office Users with Restricted Rights

People moduleHello everybody!

The topic of today’s post will be interesting for the majority of you judging by the amount of votes the idea of adding external users, i.e. guests, got – they are over 300! This great suggestion was implemented in TeamLab Office 7.4. Reading this post you will learn who the guests may be, what rights they have at your portal, how you can add and manage them, how much each guest will cost you, etc. So let’s start.


It’s Not All About Money

As a famous song goes “money is the anthem of success” and that can hardly be argued, especially since we’re at a business solution blog. But let’s leave aside profits, interest rates and pricing lists at least for a while and have a look at the world around us. Not everyone’s success is centered around profit-making.

For some people it’s a successful day, if they’ve managed to live through it without too much pain or hunger, for others if they’ve raised enough funds for their scientific research or new creative project. For us in TeamLab it’ll be a real success if we can help those doctors, volunteers, teachers, creative enthusiasts and many other teams that contribute in making this world a less painful and much better place. To make our moderate contribution, we’ve launched a free program for nonprofit organizations and invite you for participation.


Deploy TeamLab Office in a Hybrid Cloud

Dear users!

We are very excited to announce that the Hybrid Version of TeamLab Office is finally out!

After a warm welcome of TeamLab 7.0 in December of 2012 we received a lot of requests for more flexible terms of platform deployment, so the appearance of another solution was merely a matter of time. Today we are ready to spring a surprise for the needy coming up with something more technologically advanced than a regular server solution.

The Hybrid Cloud solution has its name for a reason. Basically, it embodies  the advantages of  private and public clouds. The data that needs to be  secure (Projects, CRM, Document, Community) is stored in your private cloud. Additional services like Online Office Apps and email notifications are provided from a public cloud, allowing us to take care of their maintenance and constantly update them.


Share Your TeamLove – Get Discount!

Dear all!

Business and love don’t seem to have much in common. But only at first glance. What else, if not love for our close people, inspires you to start new projects and keep everything going? Today we’d like to take advantage of the occasion and say how much we appreciate your choice and value your adherence to TeamLab Office through all these months.


Meet New Employee in our TeamLab Office: Online Collaborative Editing!

We continue to follow our pursuit to enable overall project and team collaboration, and so beginning with version 7.0  simultaneous editing has been also added to TeamLab Office Apps!

How it can speed up your work

The benefits of collaborative file processing in the cloud are evident:


3 Good Pieces of News for Teamlab Users

It has been a week since we came back from TechCrunch Moscow and it would be unfair to be silent about the results.
Well, today we’ve got 3 great pieces of news and a couple of photos)

First things first.

Teamlab 7.0 is officially out! From now your team is working in a brand new Teamlab Office.

It was released on the 9th of December, the first day of TechCrunch Moscow. We are very thankful for your patience, understanding and support, as the release took quite much time and effort. However, it’s here, completely renovated and refreshed – hope you’ve already checked out the new website. We’ve tried our best to make it modern and stylish.