Entering a new stage under a new brand: Teamlab Has Grown into ONLYOFFICE

Nobody wants to be lonely, but everybody wants to be “the only”. We aren’t an exception. 4 years have passed since one summer day “yet another bold and promising” startup emerged. But yeah, right, nobody wants to be “yet another”. Small baby Teamlab has grown into a toddler that can do much more things and boast his “only-ness” in a number of technology and human factors.



Teamlab Turns 4, Changes Name, Opens Code and Soul to the World

bday 3Hello world! This day can hardly be underestimated. It’s not only the magic 7.07 combination, but Teamlab Office birthday! On this occasion, we have tons of news to announce.


Edit .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files online with ONLYOFFICE Personal + Box integration!

Need to open and edit a .docx file online? Well, here is a reminder that ONLYOFFICE is the only free cloud office, compatible with Microsoft® document formats.

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ONLYOFFICE is now integrated with Box

To whoever works with Box file storage, we have something to say!

It’s a well-known fact that ONLYOFFICE users can connect their Box accounts to the cloud office. Now the vice-versa connection is available, so you can use ONLYOFFICE document editors for processing files directly in your Box accounts. No need to download documents to your desktop anymore – edit docx, xlsx and pptx in the cloud, use high formatting quality.


TeamLab Office 7.6.0: Release Notes

As we’ve promised recently, the new version of TeamLab SaaS is launched. Almost each functional module has a number of important updates or new functionality. Let’s see what we’ve got.


The overall module has been enhanced in terms of  general speed increase – now switching between module elements takes place immediately without any page reloading. As for the new features, the most anticipated update is the invoicing system. You don’t need to start another app any more to create a necessary payment document for your clients or subcontractors. You’ll be able to create an invoice right in your TeamLab Office portal selecting required clients and consignees from your CRM database, completing other standard fields like a due date and currency and, if necessary, linking it with a deal opportunity.



Teamlab Personal Releases Integration with Google Drive via Chrome Store App!

03Dear all!

Not so long ago we announced Teamlab Personal – free online office suite for individual use. Today we are extremely excited to release our Chrome Store application that enables you to process Google Drive documents via Teamlab Personal.

Another significant bridge is built between Teamlab Personal and Google Drive. Apart from connecting your Google Drive account with Teamlab Office, now the vice-versa connection is available! In other words, you can process documents via Teamlab editors directly from your Drive account.


Spring 2014. Teamlab Office Roadmap

Dear all,

At the beginning of each year we prepare ourselves for something new. This spring isn’t an exception. We are about to announce a large number of long-expected features for each module. Let’s not run around the bush, and go straight to the point.


Meet Top 5 Upcoming Features in Teamlab!




Server Enterprise: full-featured version for hosting TeamLab on corporate servers

Teamlab Enterpise edition We’re glad to announce the launch of Server Enterprise edition, the second solution in our server-hosted product line. Unlike AGPL-licensed Community, oriented to open source supporters, this version is released under a commercial proprietary license and allows for deploying all TeamLab Office modules and tools on corporate servers.


Teamlab Office Is Looking for Partners

Dear friends!01

Thanks to your support TeamLab Office has acquired its own face, its own style and identity. Working side by side with end users has proven to be the one and only right strategy and we are planning to deepen this type of collaboration considerably.

Most likely you have already explored the platform from A to Z, realizing its potential, usefulness and irreplaceability. Knowledge is power and it’s high time your power started converting into financial assets.


TeamLab Server Community: Good News for Open Source Fans

Happy new working year to everyone! Though holidays are left behind, we still have some gifts left. Recently we’ve received a considerable number of requests for a server version of TeamLab, not to mention the permanent demand on the part of open source community supporters.


Our new solution got its name as Server Community Edition due to two reasons:

  • it’s a freely downloadable version to your servers available at SourceForge and GitHub.
  • we’d really like to build an active open-source community whose users will exchange their ideas and help each other.

TeamLab Personal – Christmas Gift for Your Family and Friends


As we’re approaching the holidays it is customary to give gifts.

Our corporate users have enjoyed a nice combination of MS Office formatting quality and Google Docs collaboration opportunities for more than a year already. However Christmas is a family holiday, and we don’t want you to work much! So if you or your friends decide to write a wish letter to Santa, we invite you to do it with our new app – TeamLab Personal!